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S2E19 Alma
Gender Female
Race Contractor
Messier Code Unknown
Ability Shape-Shifitng
Obeisance Aging
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Fraternal Order of the Holy Gate
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 19
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 20
Japanese Voice Takano Urara (高乃 麗)
English Voice Jennifer Seman

Alma is a Contractor who operates her own religion, The Fraternal Order of the Holy Gate.


Alma is a Contractor who started her own religion, The Fraternal Order of the Holy Gate, as a haven for Contractors. Over three years ago, she killed a politician.[1]


Alma has purple eyes and long blonde hair, around which she wears a red headband. The headband has yellow markings at the front. She wears a blue robe over her white clothes. She also wears a large necklace.[2]

Her true form is a frail, bed-ridden elderly woman with long grey hair.[1]


She dislikes using Dolls as tools.[2] She created the religious order so that she could hide, but came to believe that it was a place where Contractors could show their pride. Near the end of her life, she expressed a desire to atone for the harm she had caused in the past with her ability.[1]

Part in the Story[]

The Black Contractor[]

S1E20 old Alma

Alma lies in bed while talking to Hei.

Alma meets with Amagiri when he comes to check on the level of Doll acquisition. She tells him that she dislikes using Dolls as tools before noticing that one of her followers, Shihoko Kishida, is staring at a Doll's surveillance spectre. She questions Shihoko about this, prompting Amagiri to apprehend her. Hei tries to intervene, but is unable to complete Shihoko's mission to assassinate Alma.[2]

When Hei finds her lying in bed in her true, elderly state, she talks at great length with him about the true nature of Contractors and how they differ from normal humans. She dies of old age after using her powers to appear young once more while talking to Hei.[1]


Shape-Shifting: the ability to transform her physical appearance to match a target exactly.[2]

Obeisance: Her Obeisance is that the use of her powers causes her to age.[1]

Infiltrator and Assassin: Due to her ability to take the physical appearance of any target, she is an excellent infiltrator and assassin and has used her ability in this manner.[1]


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  • The name Alma means "kind, nourishing" in Latin.


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