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S1E14 Bertha
Gender Female
Race Contractor
Messier Code Unknown
Ability Sound Resonance Manipulation
Obeisance Ingest something and then puking it out
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Russian Intelligence
Former Occupation Backup Opera Singer
Partner Itzhak
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 13
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 14
Japanese Voice Ai Satō
English Voice Melinda Wood Allen

Bertha is a former singer and a Contractor. She worked for Russian Intelligence along with Itzhak.


Bertha was a former Viennese opera singer who was once on the stage of the Volksoper. She had an addiction to tobacco. While she was pregnant she stopped smoking, and later gave birth to a baby girl. She loved her child deeply, referring to her as an "angel" and describing her as "unbelievably adorable". After Bertha had given birth, however, she resumed smoking, and one day her daughter took some tobacco from the table and stuffed it in her mouth. The little girl died as a result. Although Bertha's obeisance is to stuff anything in her mouth and choke it back up, she has chosen to use tobacco.[1]


Bertha is a rotund woman with purple hair, purple eye shadow, pink lipstick and green eyes. She usually wears a dress and scarf, with a pair of feathers hanging from her right earring. She also wears a beaded necklace.[2]



Bertha Using Her Power

Bertha using her powers.

Sound Resonance Manipulation: She is a Contractor with the ability to control the resonance of sound. All objects vibrate at a particular frequency. When she projects and hits an object with the same frequency, the vibration begins to resonate throughout the object, strengthening until the object shatters like glass. The target she chooses can literally be anything, including vital organs. By matching the hearts resonance frequency, she can cause a heart attack.[1]

Obeisance: Bertha's obeisance is to ingest something and then vomit it out, although her preferred item is tobacco due to the incident with her daughter.[1]

Part in the Story[]

The Black Contractor[]

S1E13 Bertha and Itzhak

Bertha and Itzhak discuss their mission.

Bertha appears in a meeting point to meet up with her partner Itzhak. After killing a person following them, Itzhak arrives, admonishes her for killing the man when their mission was only to establish numbers, identities and abilities of their targets. He then clears the area of the specters dolls sent to spy on suspicious activity. One of the specters turn out to be Yin's. The two trace down Yin, and are about to capture her, but for the interference of Hei. She uses her ability to stop Hei from attacking Itzak. Before an all out battle can start, they all manage to escape.[2]

S1E14 Bertha and Itzhak die

Bertha and Itzhak lie dying.

Yin is taken by Gai Kurusawa, Kiko Kayanuma and her former teacher Eelis Kastinen. Itzhak and Bertha manage to track down Yin yet again, this time to an abandoned building. Hei battles her, and she apparently kills Hei by causing a cardiac arrest. Hei however restarts his heart by sending an electric shock to his heart. While she is surprised, Hei catches her with a wire and sends an electric charge along it, electrocuting her. She dies staring at the specters that Itzhak releases as he too dies.[1]


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