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Chapter 10. Revenge
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
Number of pages 24
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Chapter 9. Parcel and Champ
Chapter 11. Beneath The Mask

Revenge is the tenth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


As Daisuke Mioka wonders why he hasn't gotten the message yet, he brushes off the woman in bed, whom he has drugged. He tries to ring the guys who were going to rape Azusa Tsukimori, but there is no answer. Angry, he contemplates sending Kyōko, but he notices someone in the corridor. He chases after the person with a stun-gun.

Hei and Parcel arrive at the school, only to find the remains of the men Azusa killed. Parcel explains that Champ's surveillance spectres track via grass, and that she is not near any grass. Hei guesses that she is inside the school.

Inside, Daisuke arrives in the gym where Azusa wraps her arms around him from behind. Wondering how she is there, he listens as Azusa lies about what happened and says he is going to punish the gang. She tells him not to worry about that and asks him if he loves her the most. As he replies that she is the only one he loves, she kicks his leg, snapping it back. She asks if he said that to Kyōko as well before kicking a ball in to his leg, further injuring him. Daisuke asks if she has become a Contractor and pleads with her, but she moves to crush his groin.

Hei arrives and tells her to stop, but she dismisses him and tries to attack Daisuke, who pleads with Hei to save him. Hei stops her from killing him.

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