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Chapter 11. Beneath The Mask
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
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Chapter 10. Revenge
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Beneath The Mask is the eleventh chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


As the riot police deploy, Misaki Kirihara checks in with Yūsuke Saitō. She reveals that it will take her some time to get there as she left PANDORA via a hidden road as cars using the main gate can be ambushed. She points out that there is an element of The Syndicate operating within PANDORA, and that while the group is faltering, it will cause more interference from now on. Ōtsuka Mayu contacts Misaki with information on Harvest's identity, which Sergei Vectrof elaborates upon. After deciding that using electricity might be effective against Harvest's ability, Misaki issues orders accordingly.

Harvest notices a checkpoint and wonders if the police have become aware of him. Still waiting for Azusa Tsukimori, he decides to cause a fuss to pass the time and damages the building he is standing on as he heads back down to the ground. The police notice this and move to investigate, but Misaki wonders if it is just a distraction from Hei and Azusa. Sergei tells Misaki that it would be best to leave the apprehension of Azusa to Hei and Parcel since Hei is someone that she has been pursuing. Misaki agrees and heads to Harvest's location instead, but asks Ōtsuka to keep her up to date with their progress. Mina Kandaswamy contacts Parcel, who is disposing of some bodies in the Pacific and she agrees to return right away.

Azusa demands to know why Hei will not let her kill Daisuke Mioka, telling him what kind of person he is. Hei tries to talk her out of killing him, but she is not persuaded and tries to attack anyway. Hei grabs her and tells her that if she does kill him, she will fail in her goal. He says that while the flower is giving her power, she is forgetting herself, but when she regains control, the emotions she tucked away will pour out. She will lose her power and with it her life. He tells her to set aside her anger until the flower can be medically removed. As they are talking, Daisuke attacks Azusa with his stun gun, prompting Hei to knock him out.

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