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Chapter 13.
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
Number of pages 22
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Chapter 12.
Chapter 14. Abigail's Attack

This is the thirteenth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Harvest notes that Azusa Tsukimori's remaining flowers have withered and wonders if his plan will succeed. As he wonders if Hei is working for somebody, he deflects the police's attempts to apprehend him. They try to use gas on him, but Harvest explains that even gases can be decomposed in to their basic components and rendered useless. As Harvest leaps on to the roof of an adjoining building, Yūsuke Saitō follows with two electric batons. With Yutaka Kōno ready to fire an anesthetic at Harvest, Saitō pursues the Contractor inside the building. He updates Misaki Kirihara on the situation as she continues to rush to the scene. She notes to herself that unlike a normal Contractor, who tends to remain innocuous, Harvest is intentionally attracting their attention.

While directing crowd control, Kunio Matsumoto spots Harvest and tries to shot him. As Harvest runs across the road, Misaki's car careers in to him. Having leapt from the car before impact, Misaki looks on as Harvest emerges. Harvest asks her why she risks herself in this fighting. Saitō interrupts them and successfully strikes him with the electric baton. As he tries to kill Saitō, Harvest is struck by an Xrep, which becomes attached to his arm and delivers a constant electric charge. As the police declare him under arrest, he swallows more round objects for his Obeisance. The police open fire on him, but the ground then opens up underneath their feet and Misaki falls in to the sewer below, where she finds many black flowers growing.

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