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Chapter 14. Abigail's Attack
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
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Abdiel's Attack is the fourteenth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Misaki Kirihara finds herself standing amid a large amount of the black flowers and orders her subordinates in to action to deal with the damage. Yūsuke Saitō reports that the electric countermeasures and anesthetic successfully knocked out Harvest, who is then loaded in to a van with an electric current running through him. Misaki informs Sergei Vectrof and the others of their success. Sergei informs her that they had secured custody of the girl and Mina Kandaswamy reveals that the death rate from infection with the black flower has been almost 100%, with just one exception: Harvest.

While escorting Harvest to prison, Yutaka Kōno and Kunio Matsumoto realize that the Contractor is awake. The van is then attacked by large flowers emerging from the sewers.

Meanwhile, Hei tells Parcel that Azusa Tsukimori has a fever and that her condition is serious. As Parcel prepares to transport them back to Sergei and Mina, Hei recognizes their names from a previous mission of his and states that he cannot trust Sergei. Parcel tells him how Sergei had been good to her and Champ, as well as to Hei and Yin, saying that in the worst case, she will let him and Yin escape. They are interrupted by Abigail Croft, who knocks Parcel out and uses her ability to confuse Hei's senses. She takes Azusa and as she is about to leave, she tells Hei that he will continue to be incapacitated by her ability for five minutes.

She then notices that Parcel has vanished, only to find her emerging from a portal above her. She uses her ability on Parcel, but Champ appears as well and tries to snatch Azusa away from her. Realizing that her ability doesn't work on Champ as he is a machine, she is further surprised when Hei slashes her gut despite less than five minutes having passed. As they continue to struggle, Abigail wrenches the flower from Azusa's leg and flees with it.

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