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Chapter 15.
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
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Chapter 14. Abigail's Attack
Chapter 16. Catalyst

This is the fifteenth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Hei and Parcel wonder about Azusa Tsukimori's condition now that she has had the flower removed, noting that she is bleeding quite badly and becoming pale. Hei has Yin remove Azusa's socks to use as a tourniquet and they discuss where to go. Explaining that they would face a lot of opposition in PANDORA, Parcel takes them to her and Champ's hideout where Mina Kandaswamy has medical equipment set up.

Misaki Kirihara arrives just in time to see them disappear thanks to Parcel's ability. Meanwhile, Mina and Sergei Vectrof are transported to the hideout by Parcel as well. Misaki contacts Yūsuke Saitō about the remains of Daisuke Mioka, but she is interrupted by news of Harvest's escape. Saitō tells her that Kunio Matsumoto and the driver are unconscious and in critical condition.

At the Tokyo Bay Aqualine, Parcel explains that facility has been abandoned since feuding Contractors destroyed the bridge and tunnel that provide access to it. Parcel reveals that she cannot use her ability inside, nor can anyone else enter the building. As Mina sets about trying to save Azusa, Sergei explains to Hei that Parcel has been with PANDORA since she was five years old and used this place to hide Champ when he was set to be scrapped. He reveals that he was aware of this and did not tell PANDORA or The Syndicate. He asks Hei why he stopped the Tokyo Explosion, stating that he destroyed the Syndicate's plan to wipe out Contractors and destroy Hell's Gate. He states that humanity's future rests on that goal. When Hei demands to know if that future included a place for Champ and Parcel, Sergei replies that it does not and asks if Hei will cooperate. Hei states that he is only there to stop Harvest.

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