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Chapter 16. Catalyst
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
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Chapter 17. Ministry of Public Safety

Catalyst is the sixteenth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Commander Nishijima reveals his surprise that Abigail Croft had difficulty with her task. Abigail apologizes and reveals that a mechanized Doll prevented her from succeeding. Realizing that she is referring to Champ, Nishijima is surprised that he had not been scrapped and suspects that Sergei Vectrof save the Doll from being scrapped. After he dismisses Abigail, he marvels at the black flower which floats in a tank in front of him. Dr. Etō informs Nishijima that they need Azusa Tsukimori's blood to ensure that the flower survives, but then realizes that the flower is in fact growing.

After Sergei and the others learn from a radio that Harvest has escaped, Mina Kandaswamy informs them that she has done all she can for Azusa. She tells Hei that she is unsure when Azusa might regain consciousness. When he asks her what she knows about the black flower, she reveals that she was once involved in the research and states that it is a variant of a dandelion and is a Contractor. She tells Hei that after neutralizing its host, only the ability remains. Hei asks how Harvest is still alive and Mina states that she is unsure.

Mina explains that it turns the host in to a Contractor during the initial stages of implantation and growth. Since the flower withers at a much faster rate outside Hell's Gate, it acts as a parasite that uses humans as hosts for several days. She speculates that it thrives on the Lancelnoptchrotron radiation emitted by a Contractor's ability. Mina reveals that she was ostracized from the research group. The experiment fail and she was told that Harvest died. The research was to create an anti-Contractor catalyst, or a catalyst that would identify Contractors.

General Leonard Maxray arrives to see Commander Nishijima. The comment that with the power of the flower, they can rule the Syndicate and the world. With the flower, they can easily manufacture the catalyst and control the awakening of powers. Maxray states they should get ready for the testing and hunting, telling Nishijima that htey need to get rid of some "waste".

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