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Chapter 18. Assault
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
Number of pages 22
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Chapter 17. Ministry of Public Safety
Chapter 19. The Strongest Squad

Assault is the eighteenth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Feeling uneasy about the quietness of the building they had been staying in, Dash wakes Top-rope. He comments that the regular security patrol has not passed and expresses his weariness about the situation. They attempt to leave, but are ambushed by a group of soldiers, who kill both of them. One of the soldiers reports on the success of their mission to General Leonard Maxray, who applauds him.

Meanwhile, Yin is trying to find Harvest's location, but is unable to do so. Parcel tells Hei that Champ has been unable to locate him either. As they wait, Yin tells them that she has found the stolen black flowers. She states that they are alive and are in capsules located in a large building twenty-five kilometres west. Sergei Vectrof guesses that they are in the Nishijima building. Mina Kandaswamy asks about the liquid the flowers are being kept in and from Yin's responses deduces that it is stable despite being outside the Hell's Gate and that they must have succeeded in purifying the awakening substance. They are interrupted by Champ, who warns them that ten soldiers are approaching.

While the soldiers storm the facility, General Maxray watches from a helicopter. He comments that three of the soldiers have fully awakened while the others are only in earlier stages of awakening and is confident that this will be enough to take out Hei's group.

Commander Nishijima tells Abigail Croft that an unmanned aerial drone that could detect the radiation from a Contractor's ability was launched several weeks previously. This allowed them to figure out the location Parcel took them to. He also states that Harvest's location is within their grasp and that another squad will soon kill him. He senses that Abigail is not happy, and she tells him that they have nowhere to run, just like her.

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