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Chapter 20. Clash
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
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Chapter 19. The Strongest Squad
Chapter 21. Survival Skill

Clash is the twentieth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Mina Kandaswamy ascertains that there is enough food, water and electricity for them to hide there for some time. Sergei Vectrof states that The Syndicate is not naive enough for that and laments not having more time to convince the moderate elements of the Syndicate. When he apologizes for involving Mina, she states that it is alright, noting that she was the one who began the black flower research and discovered the awakening compound. Wishing to see it through to the end, Mina hears a strange noise above.

Parcel, Champ and Yin flee through the building's corridors. Parcel notes that they can return to help once they get her spare ears. As they run, Champ warns of two enemies ahead and attacks them. However, one of the soldier's ability is flexibility, rendering Champ's punches ineffective. As one of the soldiers moves to shoot him in the face, which is flesh, Champ changes approach and reveals two chainsaws in his arms, slicing the soldiers to death. He then shields Yin and Parcel as the three run away from more soldiers who arrive and open fire on them.

Still unconscious, Azusa Tsukimori finds herself in a dreamworld. She hears gunfire and notices a large, dark hole in the ground. As she peers in to the hole, she suddenly finds herself in a classroom looking at a faceless Kyōko. Kyōko points at Azusa's leg, and she looks down to find that her infected leg has disappeared. Screaming, she remembers attacking Daisuke Mioka and his thugs. She falls out of her bed and wakes up. Unable to move her leg and not knowing where she is or how she got there, she sits on the floor, saying that this is not a dream.

As Cain and the other soldiers struggle to take down Hei, Captain William Perry orders them to stay out of the way. Before anyone can react, Hei throws a stun grenade at them and uses the distraction to take down several of the soldiers, momentarily blinding Cain. Perry then attacks him.

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