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Chapter 23. Their Meeting
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
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Chapter 24. Friends

Their Meeting is the twenty-third chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Hei uses an intense burst of his power to alter the molecules in the gunpowder contained in the bullet in Captain William Perry's pistol, preventing the weapon from firing. He grabs the stunned soldier's head and electrocutes him.

Commander Nishijima is informed that Perry's signal has been lost. Surprised that Perry lost in that situation, he asks about Hei's condition. His subordinate reports that they are no longer receiving any signals from the other defeated soldiers and that Hei's location is unknown.

Meanwhile, Cain realizes that Parcel is in the air ducts and orders his soldiers to shoot the duct. While Parcel scrambles for safety, Yin tells Champ that she is fine and that he should follow his heart. Champ begins to move and releases his protective armour. He then sends Cain flying across the corridor and activates his chainsaws, distracting the soldiers from attacking Parcel. While Commander Nishijima and his analysts mull over the fact Champ is still able to operate despite an average surface temperature of 93 degrees Celsius, Parcel reluctantly continues on her way.

Parcel recalls her first encounter with Champ. A Contractor since she was very young, Parcel felt she was "unneeded" by her parents and so left at the age of five. She was caught by PANDORA after she stole money from a bank. She tried to escape seven times, but was recaptured on each occasion. Shortly after the seventh time, she overheard some PANDORA scientists talking about the creation of Champ as part of their experiments to create Dolls and Contractors. The men stated that work on Champ was being abandoned due to heat problems and that once they have collected enough data, they will likely scrap him.

Using a pillowcase folded to make ears, Parcel teleported into the room Champ was being kept in and introduced herself. Reasoning that Champ is unable to talk as he does not have a programme, she named him Champ and began to bond with the soon to be abandoned Doll. While she talked with the Doll, she was spotted in Champ's room by Sergei Vectrof and Mina Kandaswamy, but Sergei told Mina to simply move on.

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