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Chapter 25. Showdown
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
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Chapter 26. Determination

Showdown is the twenty-fifth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


The assault group dispatched to hunt down Harvest report that they have lost him and there is no response from the sensors, but are immediately confront by the Contractor, who asks them if htey like flowers while holding up a black flower.

General Leonard Maxray attempts to persuade Sergei Vectrof to shoot Parcel, but the scientist refuses, saying he will serve humanity and not engage in sacrifices. Maxray extolls the reasons for joining The Syndicate and their war on Contractors and the other anomalies associated with the Hell's Gate. Citing the Saturn Ring project headed up by Sergei, Maxray states that he should already be prepared to kill Contractors and gives him the gun. He is glad when Sergei takes the gun and points it at Parcel. Expressing his confusion at Sergei's reluctance to embrace the flower's power, the general states that the black flower is a means to defeat the Contractors and there will be no need to use it for anything else if the Gate is erased. As Maxray notices that the swaying has ceased, he wonders if the building is now fully flooded.

Inside, Hei and Yin use a breathing apparatus to survive in the submerged structure.

Sergei states that he hoped that for the sake of humanity, the Saturn Ring would succeed despite knowing it would kill Parcel and all other Contractors. He reveals that when Hei destroyed the Saturn Ring, he was relieved that Parcel's life was no longer in danger. He states that the black flower is dangerous, that it eats and destroys people's hearts. As Azusa Tsukimori looks on from the helicopter, one of the solders shoots Sergei. Maxray states that Sergei was i nthe Gate for too long and that that place drives people mad.

Maxray's attention is then drawn by an explosion high up on the tower. The two soldiers that are with him are struck in their necks by knifes as Hei and Yin descend from the source of the explosion. While Maxray begins to taunt Hei, Sergei tells the barely conscious Parcel that he has something in his pocket. Maxray bemoans what Hei became after he trained him in South America. As they prepare to fight, Parcel teleports Maxray high up in the atmosphere and lets him fall. Saying that she has avenged Champ, Mina Kandaswamy and Sergei, she returns to Hei. Hei boards the helicopter, telling the pilots that they no longer have a boss and can choose between flying him or dying. As the helicopter takes off, he frees Azusa from her bonds and tells her that he is going to kill harvest.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Harvest
  2. Leonard Maxray
  3. Sergei Vectrof
  4. Parcel
  5. Hei
  6. Yin
  7. Champ (flashback)
  8. Mina Kandaswamy (flashback)
  9. [[Azusa Tsukimori]
  10. Bai (flashback)
  11. Amber (flashback)