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Chapter 3. Black Flower
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
Number of pages 24
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Chapter 2. Girl
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Black Flower is the third chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Misaki Kirihara asks an uniformed officer if he saw the girl she was chasing, but to no avail. She wonders if she heard the girl correctly when she said that she wanted to become a Contractor. Feeling uneasy about this, she decides to keep looking.

Nearby, Hei arrives at the location where Azusa's rescuer killed the two guys. Saying that he did not make it in time, he radios Yin to find out which way he went. She uses her observer spirit to find him and direct Hei there, but it is spotted by the man. He shows Azusa the wall around Hell's Gate and takes his Obeisance, explaining the concept to Azusa. He explains more about Contractors and his philosophy on them, asking her if she truly wants to become one. When she says yes, he removes his cloak and introduces himself as Harvest. He holds up one of the black dandelions that cover much of him.

As Hei reaches the building where Azusa and Harvest are, Misaki is directed to the alley where Azusa met Harvest. Meanwhile, on top of the building a black mark in the shape of a flower appears on Azusa's leg. Harvest says that when it grows, she will awaken as a Contractor. He is interrupted by the arrival of Hei, who throws his knife in to the back of Harvest. He asks Harvest if he plans on making the girl another victim, but Harvest simply calls him the exception of exceptions among Contractors. He calls Hei irrational, noting that he is himself being chased and asks why Hei is following him in such circumstances. Before Hei can do much, Harvest takes Azusa and leaps off of the building. Azusa lands on top of a pile of sand made from the roof of a building she had fallen in to. She remarks that this is the power of a Contractor and also her power.

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