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Chapter 31. To The Inside Of The Light
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
Number of pages 26
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Chapter 30. Held Captive By The Past, I Wander The Present
Chapter 32. Final Action

To The Inside Of The Light is the thirty-second chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


As they continue fighting, Harvest asks Hei why he is backing away from him. He points out that if he does not want to involve Yin and Azusa Tsukimori, then he should not have brought them with him. He notes that in South America, Hei was cold blooded and merciless, but now that he is a Contractor, he is the opposite.

Their battle causes difficulties for Misaki Kirihara, Commander Nishijima and Abigail Croft as they try to make their way through the building. The Black Dandelion Contractor notes that the wind and shock from the fight has caused the remaining seeds to float away towards Yokohama. The seeds begin to fall the streets and through open windows. With incubation times varying, she notes that fear will play a role and people's movements by plane, boat and car will increase the rate the seeds spread at. Believing that everyone will become aware of her existence, she says that this is a countermeasure against the ability's price, allowing her to continue to exist for longer.

Azusa questions if this will really help everyone truly know her and rubbishes her reasons. Angered by Azusa's claims that she is nothing like the real Kyōko, she attacks Azusa. Reminding her that she assimilated her memories as well, she expresses shock at home many things she hated about Kyōko and continues assaulting her, pouring scorn on various aspects of her personality.

Manwhile, the battle between Harvest and Hei continues. Harvest dismisses what he thinks Hei's strategy is. The two then grab each other and an explosion occurs.

As the Black Dandelion tries to fly away on her newly grown wings, Azusa knocks the Meteor Fragment from her hand. Exclaiming that without the Fragment, she cannot manipulate the seeds, she tries to get it, but Azusa grabs her ankle. She struggles against the girl, but stops when she sees a bright light erupt from the building just as Misaki reaches them. She rushes towards the two girls as they are all engulfed in the light generated by Hei and Harvest.

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