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Chapter 32. Final Action
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
Number of pages 27
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Chapter 31. To The Inside Of The Light
Final Chapter. Toward The Future

Final Action is the thirty-second chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Yūsuke Saitō and Yutaka Kōno discuss the situation in Tokyo as they fly over the city in a helicopter. Parcel tells them that Hei and Harvest are both in the Nishijima Building, prompting the officers to react with surprise that she is in the helicopter too. They look on as the Nishijima Building is engulfed in a dazzling light.

Misaki Kirihara struggles in the light and tries to analyze the situation. She spots Azusa Tsukimori and Kyōko floating nearby, as well as the Meteor Fragment, but is unable to reach either. Wondering what it is doing there, she notes that the Fragment is a substance from inside the Gate that amplifies a Contractors power. Guessing that the strange phenomenon she is experiencing is the result of the Meteor Fragment amplifying the powers of all the Contractors in the area, she decides that she has to stop it somehow.

Azusa remembers Kyōko and the two girls talk. Azusa says that Kyōko did nothing wrong and the the fault was in her own heart, commanded by the Black Dandelion. She acknowledges that its power was a stop-gap which is no longer his. When Kyōko asks what will happen to her, Azusa replies that she does not know, but she will never let go of her again.

Recalling Sergei Vectrof telling him that his ability is in essence the control of electrons, Hei tries to concentrate. Sergei told him that his sister, Bai, used the same power to seal the Heaven's Gate thanks to the help of the Meteor Fragment. Noting that because he can slow down the rate of decomposition caused by Harvest's electron cutting ability, Hei's electron control ability is superior. As Harvest rambles about the power of the Meteor Fragment and how he will sever all of Hei's connections to the world, Hei continues to concentrate. As he begins to wonder if it will work, Yin appears behind him and embraces him.

The light surrounding the building intensifies and the nearby area begins to collapse and swirl around the Nishijima Building. Hei tells Harvest that Amber was right, there is nothing in him or Azusa and he is inferior to everyone there. He then punches Harvest in the face, saying that he cannot create a future.

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