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Chapter 4. Search
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
Number of pages 24
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Chapter 3. Black Flower
Chapter 5. PANDORA

Search is the fourth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


At headquarters, Misaki Kirihara, Yutaka Kōno and Yūsuke Saitō review the latest deaths, which match up to the KRC crime scene. Kōno informs Misaki that they were unable to identify the school uniform worn of the girl at the scene and Saitō asks her if it was the same girl she had chased there. Misaki reveals that she will bring the girl's bag to the school, since there is no sign of an address in it. Ōtsuka Mayu informs the trio that they received the analysis of the wilted dandelion which Kunio Matsumoto and herself compared with the records, only to get a notice that this was not possible. Guessing that it must come from the Hell's Gate, Misaki asks what they learned from the comparison, only to be told they found nothing. She asks for a comparison to known Contractor abilities. Five results were found, but all five were reported dead. After discussing the possibility of a new Contractor, Misaki concludes that they must go to PANDORA. Despite the backlash from her reluctant comrades, Misaki insists on this course of action. Unable to ask for their chief's help, Misaki decides to make an appointment with someone at PANDORA.

Hei laments that he is running out of knifes and masks, saying that they need to defeat Harvest and leave the city before he runs out. He asks Yin where Harvest is, but she does not know. She starts to tell him that she knows where Azusa Tsukimori is, but stops when she realizes that Hei has fallen asleep.

While showering, Azusa notices the mark on her leg and comments that she will kill 'him'.

Misaki and Ōtsuka arrive at PANDORA with Misaki answering Ōtsuka's questions about the UN run facility. Upon entering, Misaki notes that the security has drastically increased following the battle there. They are escorted to meet Dr. Robert Schroeder. After Misaki apologizes for calling him so late, he tells them not to worry and that he is always willing to meet them despite begin under house arrest. Misaki asks him if he is aware of a Contractor that dissolves matter and leaves behind a black dandelion. Dr. Schroeder replies that he knew of one, but he died several months previously with a lot of witnesses.

Sergei Vectrof and Mina Kandaswamy look on via security cameras, wondering what is going on.

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