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Chapter 6. Best
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
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Chapter 5. PANDORA
Chapter 7. On The Tower

Best is the sixth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Daisuke Mioka tries to convince Kyōko to persuade Azusa Tsukimori to do something, but she refuses and insists that she will not betray her friend. He continues to plead with her, saying that he wishes to apologize to her and that he regrets hurting her. As Kyōko begins to come around, he promises not to let the hoodlums hurt Azusa and he will save her from them. After Kyōko leaves, a group of men enter the room and state that they will not hold back. Daisuke says that he will arrive too late to rescue her.

Meanwhile, Hei is following Azusa. When asks Yin if Harvest is nearby, she tells him that Harvest is not near water within two kilometers. At school, Kyōko notes that Azusa is much more cheerful today and asks her if she is okay now. Azusa confirms this, saying that she is glad it has all come out. Kyōko asks her if they can talk after school, which Azusa says to as she wishes to talk to her friend about something as well. They agree to meet at a water tower at five o'clock, which Kyōko notes is two hours before the time she agreed with Daisuke.

Yūsuke Saitō and the other police officers are concerned about what is taking Misaki Kirihara and Ōtsuka Mayu long. They are interrupted by a phone call informing them about the bag Misaki had been trying to return to the school girl. They decide to return the bag and take the girl's testimony, but their boss, Issei Yanagi, states that this is not their department's job. Kōno explains about the possible connection to a case, prompting the chief to tell them to give it to the police officers in that district, who will take the testimony. He insists that they protect their territory and stay away from others. He leaves to inspect the other departments, repeating his order about protecting territory.

Asuza removes the bandage on her leg, revealing that the flower mark has sprouted. As she goes to meet Kyōko, she recalls Harvest stating that when this happens, she must sever her ties to the person who is most important to her.

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