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Chapter 7. On The Tower
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
Number of pages 25
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Chapter 8. Awakening

On The Tower is the seventh chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


As Azusa Tsukimori arrives, Kyōko comments on the mark on her friend's leg. Azusa dismisses it as nothing more than a bruise and moves the discussion on. She notes that one of the fake stars in Tokyo's night sky falls when a Contractor dies, saying that is is good that even in death someone will notice them, no matter how alone they might have been. She says that she did not quit volleyball and tried to jump higher than anyone was because she wanted to be noticed. Azusa suddenly knocks Kyōko to the floor, demanding to know everything she knew about Daisuke before she stops being human. Kyōko kicks her away and reveals that Daisuke is related to her and that she has been doing as he said. She admits that she was going to lure Azusa out for his plan to have her taken by a group of men and raped while he comes in to save her. As Kyōko talks, Azusa notices a mark on Kyōko's chest similar to the one on her own leg. Kyōko grabs Azusa's throat.

Hei looks on, wondering what is happening. Yin informs him that Harvest is close nearby. He starts to go to Harvest's location, but notices Azusa scream when she is about to fall off the tower. Kyōko reveals that she met Harvest three days previously, but thought it was a dream and that the mark was simply a coincidence until she saw the same mark on her friend's leg. Hei notes that the flower is eroding their senses and rushes towards them, despite not having any obligation to save them. Before he can do much, Harvest catches him by surprise. Hei manages to get free and Harvest says they will have to be careful as they both have the ability of a lethal touch. Harvest turns the ground to sand in order to impede Hei's movements.

As Kyōko and Azusa continue their physical and internal struggles, Harvest tells Hei that the flower desires the evolution of humankind, to transcend Contractors. As they clash again, their powers resonate, resulting in a powerful explosion which sends all four of them flying. Azusa looks on as Kyōko disintegrates.

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