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Chapter 8. Awakening
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
Number of pages 22
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Chapter 7. On The Tower
Chapter 9. Parcel and Champ

Awakening is the eighth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


Deep in the recesses of her heart, Azusa Tsukimori is confronted by Harvest, who explains that the flower has extended its roots and that all flowers are linked. Saying that this form is how the flowers remember him, he states that all individuals are stored and shared by the flowers. A large flower rises near her, opening to reveal Kyōko inside. Saying that they can always meet there without any pain, they embrace. Azusa then awakens.

Parcel arrives at the scene of the explosion and surveys the situation, reporting back to Sergei Vectrof and Mina Kandaswamy at PANDORA. The two scientists discuss the similarity of the powers of Hei and Harvest, both of which essentially involve interfering with electrons. Fearful of what might happen if they continue battling head on in this manner, Sergei tells Parcel to separate the two Contractors. Both Parcel and Hei notice Azusa in the cloud of dust caused by the explosion. She now has a large flower growing up her back from her leg. As Hei attempts to question her, she notes that she still has emotions and tries to kick him. Hei, Parcel, Sergei and Mina note how powerful she has become.

Azusa says Hei is not the one she wants to kill and leaps away. Hei tries to dissuade her from killing, but to no avail. Sergei orders Parcel to follow Azusa and then tells Mina that they need to capture the Azusa before there is any more commotion. He calls in Misaki Kirihara and Ōtsuka Mayu, who request further explanation before proceeding. They agree to cooperate with each other and Misaki orders her Division in to action.

Meanwhile, Parcel is captured by Hei, who demands that she explain herself or be killed.

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