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Chapter 9. Parcel and Champ
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Manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana
Number of pages 24
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Chapter 8. Awakening
Chapter 10. Revenge

Parcel and Champ is the ninth chapter of manga series Darker than Black: Shikkoku No Hana.


As Azusa Tsukimori joyfully leaps around the city, heading for her coach, Hei questions Parcel. The girl tells him that she is with PANDORA, but is not involved with Harvest. Thinking that Parcel has something to do with The Syndicate, guesses they want to take him out for destroying the Saturn Ring. Parcel denies this and tells him that he and Yin, who is currently alone, have been staying in the same place, making her easy to find. Hei contacts Yin to inform her that someone is there and to use the escape route he showed her. However, two Contractors, Dash and Top-rope, block her escape and attempt to tie her up.

Hei demands to know why Yin is being targeted and tells Parcel to stop her people. She replies that having her as a hostage will make dealing with Hei easier. Yin tells Hei it will be okay as Champ sets about eliminating the two Contractors. Parcel tells Champ to escort Yin to the hideout and explains about Champ's origins to Hei. She tells Hei that there is a group within the Syndicate that is attempting to gain the power of the black flower to cheaply create a perfect soldier and they likely want to stop Hei from killing Harvest. She says that they helped Yin because they are enemies of this faction as well. She offers to bring Hei to Azusa using her power and teleports them both.

In a limo nearby, a man comments that they must put aside their failure to capture Yin and concentrate on quickly securing the awakened one.

Meanwhile, the group of men waiting on Kyōko to bring Azusa wonder what is taking so long. As the conclude that Kyōko has reneged on the agreement, Azusa arrives and dismembers one of them with a single kick. She tells the shocked men that she wants to see the coach, noting that she only needs one of them alive for that.

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