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Chiaki Shinoda
Shinoda Chiaki
Real Name Chiaki Shinoda
Alias Haraguchi
Gender Female
Race Doll
Age 26
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Spy
Former Occupation Worked In The National Laboratory
Former Team Louis
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 1
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 2
Japanese Voice Toyoguchi Megumi
English Voice Colleen Clinkenbeard

Chiaki Shinoda (篠田 千秋 Shinoda Chiaki) was an employee of the National Institute of Technology who was involved in an attempt to steal information from the Institute.


Bai killing Shinoda Chiaki's parents

Shadow of the Contractor that killed Shinoda's parents.

When Chiaki was younger, both of her parents were killed by a Contractor. She watched as they were killed, unable to look away. Although she did not see the Contractor's face, the silhouette of the Contractor was burned into her mind. She kept this to herself and avoided having her memory erased. She later went to university where she wrote a thesis on the physics within the Hell's Gate. After graduating, she worked at the National Institute of Technology, where, at the age of 26, she was involved in the theft of secret information from the Institute. She was to present this information to Louis, but was unable to do so as he was killed before the she could. The police noted that she has been missing for two weeks.[1][2]


Chiaki has shoulder-length blonde hair. She wears a red dress with a high slit on the left side and a long white coat.

Part In Story[]

The Black Contractor[]

S1E1 Hei and Shinoda Chiaki meet

Shinoda and Hei meet in the park as she flees the police.

She was first seen leaving the apartment next door to Hei's as he moved in. She was next seen at a bar with two of Misaki's men and once they recognised her, running away from them. She was saved from being captured by Hei, who made it look like the two of them were lovers, to avoid detection. She was soon confronted by another Contractor, who claimed to be an acquaintance of Louis (who she was supposed to meet). After refusing to accept him, due to Louis telling her to trust no one but him, she attempts to escape. When the contractor tries to take her by force, she is once again saved by Hei.[1]

Later as Hei and Chiaki were walking back, the contractor appears again, and knocks Hei over a railing, on what seemed to be an oncoming train. The contractor takes Chiaki back to their hideout and begins questioning her about 'the package'. The security system fails and she manages to escape. She once again meets Hei and falls into his arms out of exhaustion.[1][2]

S1E2 Hei is saved by Shinoda Chiaki

Shinoda sacrifices herself to save Hei.

Hei decides to help Chiaki escape, and she accepts his offer. The two of them are then frequently hunted down by either the unknown contractors or the Japanese police. They decide to sell the information that Chiaki had for money to get out of the country. As they reach their destination and she hands Hei the information, Hei erases her memory and begins to escape. It then turns out that the information was a fraud and that Chiaki was in fact a Doll, which had been programmed with the personality of the deceased Chiaki, in order to lure Hei out. As the band of Contractors attempt to kill Hei, Chiaki, even though she was a Doll, sacrifices herself to save Hei.[2]


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  • The name Chiaki means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "autumn" (秋) (aki).
  • Chiaki's surname Shinoda means "dwarf bamboo" (篠) (shino) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).


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