A Contractor (Hei) using his powers.

Contractors are individuals who have gained superhuman powers due to the appearance of the Hell's Gate and Heaven's Gate.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Known Contractors have a very wide array of powers, and each Contractor appears to have a power unique to him or herself. When a Contractor's powers are used, his or her eyes glow red and a blue glow occasionally surrounds its body. This phenomenon is called Lancelnopt Synchrotron radiation.[1] A star corresponding to them also shows increased activity when they use their powers. After using their ability, Contractors experience the need to perform Obeisance, which is an often bizarre, obsessive compulsive "payment" for the use of their powers. According to Alma, the biggest difference between normal humans and Contractors is the structure of their minds: Contractors decide rationally. She compares them to how some humans have succeed by discarding emotion but not their intentions. Contractors do not generally dream, though there are rare exceptions.[2]

Psychology[edit | edit source]

Contractors are fully capable of experiencing emotions, but that those feelings do not play a prominent role in their thought processes. They are described as being totally rational, totally amoral, totally competent and totally efficient.  Their sensory organs are at all times perfectly responsive to matters of life and death and upon facing a threat, they automatically respond, presenting no vulnerability. Contractors mind have unlimited storage and analytical capacity; able to instantly recall and cross-correlate any information stored with perfect clarity.  Contractors continuously and without limit incorporate information gathered from the external environment. Contractors automatically categorize anything as hostile or non-hostile. Contractors are the epitome of logical thinking and strategy, regardless of what happens, Contractors have a mind capable of cold calculation and meticulous construction of optimal strategy that will yield the most efficient results. They automatically plan, analyze, and take action with absolute efficiency.

Contractors feel no guilt, and can instantly assimilate into any society, social group or environment, and manipulate it. A Contractor cares, in essence, only about their own well-being, and everything else is reduced to a cost/benefit analysis: Any other issues like laws, emotions, or the question of the sanctity of human life are irrelevant. Contractors' detached way of looking at the world grants them an objective comprehension of issues, that others would not be able to achieve, allowing them to understand the mechanics behind anything they face and formulate the optimal solution.  This is an inherent part of themselves, rather than an external ability, as such Contractors automatically make the most optimal decision in any scenario and deal with events in the most efficient manner. They automatically seize all opportunities and make the most out of any situation.

Becoming a Contractor[edit | edit source]

How a person becomes a Contractor hasn't been revealed. There are no signs which identify a person's transformation into a Contractor, which is sudden. Their personality and behaviour patterns change drastically.[3] Shion Pavlichenko was born as a Contractor, and Suou became one after she absorbed Hei's powers but all other Contractors have become what they are via unknown means. In Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden it is revealed that Contractors are defects that emerge when humans are unable to become Dolls.

Regressors[edit | edit source]

While it is unclear how it can happen, it is possible for a Contractor to lose their powers, with Havoc being the only known example. She lost her powers and in exchange lived a normal life for several years. Havoc was able to regain their powers by being within close proximity of the Gate.[4] Others exist in a state called Moratoria, where they do not have control of their powers and exhibit normal emotional behaviour.[5]

Link to Hell's Gate[edit | edit source]

According to PANDORA scientist Robert Schroeder, if the Hell's Gate is destroyed, all Contractors will melt down and vanish, comparing them to sugar cubes in a cup of tea.[6]

Place in Society[edit | edit source]

The existence of Contractors is kept a secret from the general public by most governments around the world, with many people who have encountered one having their memory erased. There is a dedicated unit within the Japanese police to deal with Contractor related crimes. However, Contractors are well-known to the higher echelons of society and in the criminal underworld. In addition to not feeling guilt or having a conscience, many Contractors have an ability which makes them effective as a killer or spy and they are regularly employed in that role.[7] Various groups supporting and opposing Contractors exist. While the Saturn Ring project aims to wipe out Contractors, Evening Primrose is a group of Contractors opposing this secret Syndicate project.[6] Alma created The Fraternal Order of the Holy Gate as a place where Contractors could feel pride.[2]

Known Contractors[edit | edit source]

According to Eric Nishijima, there are thousands of Contractors in existence.[6] Known Contractors include:

Contractor Ability Obeisance
Abigail Croft Induced Hallucination Licking skin
Alma Shape-Shifting Aging
Amagiri Concussive Blasts Consuming boiled eggs
Amber (February) Chronokinesis Aging backwards
Amitabh Kapoor Human Possession Smelling an old piece of cloth (Contract Paid)
April Atmospheric Pressure Manipulation Drinking alcoholic beverages
August 7 Magic (Space Distortion) Revealing the tricks of magicians
Bai (Xing) Molecular Manipulation Sleeping
Bertha Sound Resonance Manipulation Ingesting something to regurgitate it
Black Dandelion "Black Flower" Creation Being forgotten
Brita Human Teleportation Kissing someone
Dale Self Liquification unknown
Dash Super Speed unknown
Genma Shizume Material Armor Moxibustion treatment
Goran Super Speed Eating hamburgers
Harvest Matter Disintegration Swallowing round things
Havoc Vacuum Creation Drinking the blood of children
Hei Electric (Molecular) Manipulation none
Ilya Sokoloff Brain Asphyxiation Drawing
Itzhak Doll Spectre Retrieval Writing poetry
Jean Material Transportation Arranging small stones in a line and ruining it
Louis Gravity Nullification Breaking his fingers
Luc Air-Weapon Creation Creasing the corners of every page in a book
Mai Kashiwagi Pyrokinesis Humming a song
Maki Remote Spontaneous Combustion Drinking hot liquids
Mao (Ricardo) Animal Possession unknown (Contract Paid)
Michiru Hydrokinesis Cooking
Mina Hazuki Weapon Energizing Kissing men
Musik (Mikata Misa) Contractor Power Theft unknown
Nick Hillman Electrokinesis Placing victim's shoes upside-down next to each other
November 11 Liquid Induces Cryokinesis Smoking a cigarette
Parcel Spatial Teleportation Wearing fake animal ears
Paul Object Explosion Eating flowers
Shihoko Kishida Internal Organ Rupture Temporarily regaining human feelings
Shion Pavlichenko Near-Perfect Duplication Losing control over his legs
Shizuma Shinoh Hydrokinesis Making himself vomit
Suou Pavlichenko PTRD-41 Rifle Materialization Folding origami
Tanya Akulova Insect Manipulation Pulling strands of her hair
Top-rope Rope Manipulation unknown
Wei Zhijun Blood Induced Matter Transportation Shedding his own blood
Shichi (Claude) Mind Control Eating a flower petal
Xiao Jie Gravity Manipulation Stripping

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