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Corinna Moku
S1E11 Corinna Moku
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 22
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Beijing University,
Occupation Student
CIA Courier
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 11
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 11

Corinna Moku was a CIA courier sent to PANDORA, posing as a third year student from Beijing University.


Corinna is a young woman with bright blue eyes. She keeps her light brown hair at shoulder length. She is 163cm tall and weighs 49kg. She initially wears a white collared shirt with a pink vest over it before changing into the grey and blue worker's uniform at Pandora.[1]


Initially, Corinna was a bright young person, laughing at the thought of the Gate finding what a person has lost. However, after spending time by the Gate, she begins to become paranoid, freaking out over the littlest of things and becoming enraged.[1]

Part in the Story[]

S1E11 Corinna and Hei

An agitated Corinna waits in line with Hei.

Corinna sits next to Hei on a bus to PANDORA. She asks if he believes the urban legend about the Hell's Gate, that inside, you find what you have lost but at a terrible price. She then wonders what that price is before introducing herself to Hei as a third year student at Beijing University. Hei responds, introducing himself as Li Shengshun. Later, the two stand in line together, waiting to get inside. Corinna begins to freak out and security arrives. She says everything is okay, settling down and walking forward. However, a guard stops her, grabbing her hand and telling her that she is going with him. Corinna begins to freak out again, forcing the guard to knock her out with a stun gun and drag her away.[1]

Corinna Moku crazy

Corinna continues to exhibit unusual behaviour.

Later, Hei runs into her again the cafeteria, exhibiting the same paranoia she did before. She says she can see the things she has lost and has decided to leave. Hei asks how, remembering that no one is allowed to leave the facility until a month has passed. Corinna begins to say something about handing something to a man before she turns her head to the side, yelling to someone that she told them it is none of their business and asking them how long they are going to chase her and claims they are already dead. She says that whether she betrays the country or Mama, she won't take any more of this from them; exclaiming she is who she is before running off with her head between her arms.[1]

Corinna Moku's corpse

Corinna was killed by electric shocks.

Later at night, she breaks into Nick's lab and begins taking apart one of his telescopes. Nick sneaks up on her and electrocutes her to death. Before she was killed, she had planned to hand over the Meteor Fragment to Pandora in exchange for being able to leave.[1]


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