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Daisuki Mioka
Ch2pg6 Daisuke Moita profile
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 28[1]
Professional Status
Former Affiliation National Volleyball Team
Occupation Dubstitute teacher,
Volleyball coach
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Shikkoku No Hana, Chapter 2
Last Seen Shikkoku No Hana, Chapter 12
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A

Daisuke Mioka (美丘 大輔 Mioka Daisuke) is a substitute teacher and the volleyball coach of Azusa Tsukimori.


Daisuke is a 28 year old man who was once a member of the national volleyball team, but he later became a substitute teacher at Azusa Tsukimori's school, coaching the volleyball team.[1]


Daisuke is man in his late twenties with short black hair and he is 190cm tall.[1]


Daisuke is a cold and promiscuous man who has no qualms about womanizing, engaging in illicit relationships with underage girls and arranging for a girl to be beaten.[2] Daisuke also has a strong interest in volleyball.[1]

Part in the Story[]

Shikkoku No Hana[]

After having sex with Azusa Tsukimori, Daisuke takes nude photographs of her and uploads them on to his laptop where he keeps similar images of a series of other women. When he forgets to turn the laptop off, Azusa sees the images. She later confronts Daisuke about them. She dismisses his explanation and runs off, leaving him worried about how to keep her quiet. He then sees Kyōko and smiles.[3]

Daisuke later calls Kyōko to his home where he asks her to convince Azusa not to tell anyone about what happened, but she refuses. As she berates him, he insists that he wants to apologize to Azusa. Daisuke claims that the others seduced him and tries to earn sympathy before saying that he would not want to make Kyōko's parents sad too. He promises to save her the moment the hoodlums try to attack her and apologize. After she leaves, Daisuke talks with the hoodlums, who had been waiting inside the house and had listened in on their discussion. He states that he will arrive too late to rescue Azusa while the hoodlums state that they will not hold back.[2] [4] [5] [6]


  • "Women, you know, make yourself look just a little cool and line up some nice words, they'll fall right for it and forgive you for anything. Piece of cake." - Daisuke to the hoodlums [7]
  • "No matter how many times you sleep with someone, men and women don't change. Remember Azusa, wasn't it when you were being deceived by me that you were the happiest?" - Daisuke to Azusa Tsukimori[8]


  • The name Daisuke means "big, great" (大) (dai) and "help" (輔) (suke).
  • Daisuke's surname Mioka means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "hill, height" (丘) (oka).


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