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Alias Mr. Richards[1]
Gender Male
Race Human
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation MI-6, Syndicate
Occupation Chief of Intelligence for the Far East
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 6
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 22
Japanese Voice Akio Nojima
English Voice Sean Hennigan

Decade is a member of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) and is in charge of the group's operations in the East Asia.[2]


Decade is a middle-aged man with a brown moustache and glasses. He is bald expect at the sides of his head and wears a formal business suit. He has blue eyes[2]

Part in the Story[]

The Black Contractor[]

S1E15 Decade and November 11

Decade and November 11 discuss Amber.

When Amber reappears after five years of being unaccounted for, resulting in April being hospitalized, Decade and July are present outside the room where she is being treated when November 11 arrives. He and November go to the roof, where Decade tells him about how she defected to the Syndicate with Gate-related information and the pair wonder why she has chosen this moment to resurface. Decade orders him to suspend all other duties and prioritize the capture of Amber.[3]

S1E22 Misaki Kirihara, April and Decade

Decade asks Misaki Kirihara about November 11.

Decade, April and July attend a meeting with Yoshimitsu Horai following November 11's disappearance from the American embassy when it was bombed. After being introduced to Misaki Kirihara, Decade asks her if she knows where November 11 is. She responds that she wants to ask the same question of him, having surmised that he was ordered to disappear from the scene. She suggests a link to the disappearance of Robert Schroeder, prompting Decade and Yoshimitsu to exchange looks. April tells Misaki that she has not heard from November in a week. When Misaki asks what this means, Decade says that he wants to know if November is still MI-6's best agent or if he has joined Evening Primrose.[2]

S1E22 November 11 confronts Decade

Decade is confronted by November 11 about the Syndicate.

Later, he talks to an associate on the phone who tells him that Schroeder told Evening Primrose everything. He comments that it is too dangerous to delay the plan until the next Solar Maximum. After he hangs up, November 11 turns in a report on the Syndicate, saying that Decade was afraid that he would uncover his secrets. He tells November that he did not want him to find out until the last moments before the Saturn Ring wiped out all Contractors, calling November his best agent. He is then killed by November.[2]


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