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S2E10 Doll system close up

A Doll connected to a surveillance network.

Dolls are emotionless "mediums" which seem like poorly responsive but otherwise normal human beings.


S1E12 Doll's Spectre

A Doll's surveillance spectre.

Dolls can use an observer spirit, a disembodied aura which can remotely access areas considerable distances from the Doll, allowing the Doll to observe what is in the area. Dolls have different mediums through which they can send their observer spirits and must be in contact with this medium while observing; for example, Yin's medium is water, through which she can send her observer spirit anywhere else there is water.[1][2]


S1E24 Hei, Yin say goodbye to Huang

Yin hugs Huang without being instructed to.

Dolls usually do not show any emotion or independent action. But a number of Dolls do exhibit small degrees of emotion and independence. The Doll posing as Shinoda Chiaki chose to sacrifice herself to save Hei from an attempt to kill him,[3] while the Nakazawa Doll used her observer spirit to call Yin for help to rescue Kenji Sakurai.[4] Other examples include when Huang discovers Yin crying,[5] and July expressing confidence in himself and November 11 as a team and even considering him as his friend.[6]



Three Dolls connected to the surveillance network.

Dolls fulfil a variety of roles, typically acting as support to other operatives by using their observer spirits for reconnaissance and to locate and track targets and guide operatives to those targets. They can be tied in to a computer network and act in groups, such as under the control of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan or Evening Primrose.[2]

A Doll can also act as the perfect sleeper agent. It can be given the memories and personality of another person and assume a person's personality perfectly, mimicking all their habits, dreams, and feelings until the time is right.[3]

According to a PANDORA research paper found by Mao, a single Doll, no matter what medium it uses, will experience intense pain if it tries to observe the interior of Hell's Gate. However, a large enough group of Dolls linked together and amplified by the Meteor Fragment can reach all the way to the core of the Gate.[2]

PANDORA has experimented with using Dolls as supersoldiers due to their supposed lack of emotions and programmability, which makes them suitable for intense training. This resulted in the creation of Champ.

A List Of Known Dolls In Darker Than Black:


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