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Dreams is a song by HIGH And MIGHTY COLOR and one of the four theme songs of Darker than Black. It was used in the second ending sequence. You can find the list of soundtracks used in Darker than Black here.



Kanji Lyrics[]

Source: [1]

巡り合う手、But I know the end has come soon

気付いたら 傍にいたよね


夢がそっと告げていたよ 楽しいほど終わりそうで
不思議だよね 離れた手が落ちて



夢がそっと告げていたよ  無邪気なほど壊れそうで
不思議だよね 「ありがとう。」 の言葉が

巡る季節を逆さまに巡ってた いつかまた逢えると So,I know you go another way.
ただ信じてた孤独から逃げるようにもう終わりにしよう You don't take me away, but I understand.

僕は行くよ スピードに乗って

だからきっと悲しくない だからきっと君は泣かない

English Lyrics[]

Source: [1]

Our hands join by chance again, but I know the end has come soon.

Our hands, like they're stuck together,
Are inseparable, always together.
When you look back and realize it we were close to each other,
Even without speaking from our hearts.

The endless summer...
Let's go anywhere we want...
"I love you..."
From tomorrow until yesterday, it should've been the same.

In secret, we talked about our dreams; the extent of our joy seems over now...
Strange, isn't it? Our hands fell when we let go,
Just like lost children, we were no longer before we even knew it.

Tipping the hourglass,
The memories of two people overflow--
Like hands laid on each another, each one slipping through our fingers,
They, too, fall without a sound.

The summers we won't reach...
With a lonely pinky promise,
My hand trembles, but...
From tomorrow until yesterday, I will be searching for you.

In secret, we talked about our dreams; the extent of our childlike innocence seems broken,
But isn't it strange? Words of thanks,
Like the absolute finale, are no longer before we even know it.

We reversed the changing of the seasons, and someday we will happen upon each other again. (So I know you go another way.)
Let's just stop trying to run from the isolation we put our faith in. (You don't take me away, but I understand.)

Whether the explanation was confusing and wrong,
Or whether it was love or different kinds of relationships,
Two people have become two new people again
I will go, riding quickly away:

So, we're certainly not sad; so, you certainly won't cry;
And so, even as our old selves exchange farewells,
I won't cry, either.

Romaji Lyrics[]

Source: [1]

meguriau te, but I know the end has come soon

futari no te, suitsuku you ni
hanarenai, itsumo issho sa

kidzuitara, soba ni ita yo ne
uchiageta, koto mo nai mama

owaranai natsu doko made mo ikou yo
daisuki da yo

kinou made mo, ashita kara mo, onaji hazu datta

yume ga sotto, tsugete ita yo
tanoshii hodo, owari sou de

fushigi da yo ne, hanareta te ga ochite
maru de maigo mitai, itsu no ma ni kainai

katamuketa sunadokei ni wa, koboreteku futari no kioku
kasanetate surinugeru you ni
ochite yuku otomo nai mama

todokanai natsu yubikiri wa samishiku, te wo furu kedo
kinou made mo, ashita kara mo, kimi wo sagashiteru

yume ga sotto, sugete ita yo
mujakina hodo, kowaresou de

fushigi da yo ne, arigatou no kotoba ga
maru de saigo mitai, itsu no ma ni kainai

meguru kisetsu wo, sakasama ni megutteta
itsuka mata aeru to
tadashii shinjiteta, kodoku kara nigeru you ni
mou owari ni shiyou

koi to chigau, kaishaku demo
ai to chigau, kankei ii demo
futari wa mou atarashii futari ni
nareru boku wa yuku yo supiido ni notte

dakara kitto, kanashikunai
dakara kitto, kimi wa nakanai
dakara kitto, ano toki no futari ni
sayonara mou tsugete mo naitari shinai yo


The characters in the animation for Dreams, in order of appearance, are:

  1. Bai
  2. Hei
  3. Yin
  4. Mao