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Eelis Kastinen
E14 Eelis Kastinen
Gender Male
Race Human
Professional Status
Occupation Pianist/Piano Teacher
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 13
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 14
Japanese Voice Norihiro Inoue
English Voice Jerry Jewell

Eelis Kastinen was Yin's piano teacher when she was a kid, as well as a very famous pianist.


S1E13 Eelis Kastinen teaches Yin

Eelis instructs Yin in piano.

When Yin was still a kid, before she became a Doll, he was her piano teacher. He developed a close relationship with Yin's Mother. This escalated further when Yin's father died in a plane crash. When Yin found out about this, she ran away and was almost hit by a truck till her mother sacrificed herself to save Yin. He later states that he loved Yin's mother, and always regretted not telling her.[1]


Eelis has unkempt, blond-brown hair and blue eyes. He typically wears a suit.


He was an extremely kind teacher to Yin, who looked out for her well being, even after Yin's parents died. He tries to take Yin "back home", which the latter later refuses. He states that he always looked for her, whenever he went on tour, showing his genuine concern for her.

Part in the Story[]

The Black Contractor[]

S1E13 Eelis, Kiko and Gai Kurasawa

Eelis hires Gai to find Yin.

Eelis travels from Scandinavia to Tokyo, where he visits Gai Kurusawa's detective agency to try to get help in finding Yin. After a while, Kiko Kayanuma contacts Gai and Eelis to tell them that she has found Yin. However, when they arrive, Yin has left and they chase after her. They catch up to her lying on the ground outside a building site that has just collapsed. They bring Yin back to Gai's office where Eelis asks him to hide Yin until she is able to leave the country as she was being chased by somebody and listens to the suggestions of how to hide her. He offers to pay them well for hiding her. The next day the board a train for a hot spring and he tries to convince her to go back home with him, but Yin refuses.[2]

S1E14 Yin and Eelis Kastinen talk

Eelis listens to Yin playing the piano and tries to convince her to return.

He states that she's sick, and he's heard of cases like her. He tries to protect Yin from the Russian Intelligence who was after her, and from Hei. After Hei defeats the two members from the Russian Intelligence, he again tries to convince Yin to come back with him. Yin asks Hei if they were friends, to which Hei responds, that she has to answer that herself, and telling her the choice of whether to go or stay rested with her, and he wouldn't force her to come back to the Syndicate (giving Yin the freedom to choose for the first time). Yin then decides to stay, when Eelis still tries to pursue her, Hei electrocutes him to unconsciousness. He has his memories erased and is returned home.[1]


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