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The Evening Primrose, or EPR, is a powerful organization founded and run by Amber.


The EPR's public objective was to reveal the existence of Contractors to the public. They also wanted to have special rights and privileges provided to Contractors.[1] Their main goal however was to stop the Syndicate's plans to obliterate all Contractors, at all costs.

Building Up[]

Upon obtaining the Meteor Fragment, Amber set in motion a bombing campaign against the various intelligence agencies in Tokyo, carried out of Maki and Amagiri. Simultaneously, EPR attempted to recruit as many Contractors as possible before the showdown between the EPR and the Syndicate. Their main targets were Hei and November 11,[2] both of whom eventually sided with them. EPR uses The Fraternal Order of the Holy Gate as a cover to acquire and smuggle Dolls for their later operations.[3]

Saturn Ring[]

As Robert Schroeder solves an issue with the Saturn Ring, Brita uses her teleportation power to abduct him from inside PANDORA. She and Wei Zhijun detain him and extract information on the Saturn Ring. At Brita's direction, they continue to hold him in the believe that the Syndicate will try to rescue him. At this time, November 11 requests a meeting with Amber to join the group.[4] Robert reveals to the group details of the failed attempt to destroy the Heaven's Gate that he was involved in.[5]

On the night that the old stars are rumored to become visible again, Amber smashes the Meteor Fragment and gives shards of it to various EPR Contractors as they launch an attack on the Saturn Ring. Their two objectives are the destruction of the particle accelerator and getting the Doll's inside Hell's Gate. Wei is sent to guide Hei through the wall so he may enter Hell's Gate.[6]


After the destruction of the Saturn Ring and the immediate threat gone, plus the loss of Amber and many of its members, the remnants of the EPR retreated to a jungle and were inactive for many months. Izanami, however, infiltrated the EPR and with the help of Xi-Qi, killed all of the remaining members, except for Amagiri, and a baby. With most, if not all members dead, the EPR is now considered to be disbanded.[7]

Known Members[]

The EPR consisted primarily of Dolls and Contractors, with few exceptions. Its known membership included:


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