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There are a number of flowers from within Hell's Gate which have special properties or are otherwise unique.

Kōzō Tahara's Flower[]


Tahara's flower.

The flowers were found by Kōzō Tahara, when he was exploring Hell's Gate. He brought back two seeds when he left the Gate and experimented with them. Tahara found out that if the seeds were implanted in a Contractor's body, they would stop the powers of a Contractor from developing for a period of time, but the subject implanted with the seed could transform into Moratoria. The seed would eventually disappear, and a new one would be required. It is impossible to permanently seal a Contractor's power with the seeds. Tahara tested the seeds on his daughter, Mai, in hopes of keeping her from becoming a Contractor. The seed was a small blue dot in her wrist - to "keep her safe" - but in the end, the seed disappeared, and she became a Moratorium. His attempts to artificially grow more flowers and seeds ultimately failed.[1][2]

Stone Flower[]

S1E10 Stone Flower

The main Stone Flower.

These are large, glowing blue flowers, called Stone Flowers as the central flower is growing from a large stone like structure. Qing Long Tang had a number of smuggled out of the Hell's Gate. He kept them in the upper floor of his penthouse. His daughter, Alice Wang would take the bees that pollinate the flowers and make them sting her, eliciting a drug-like feeling. When Hei removed the largest flower at the centre of the Stone Flower garden, the entire garden stopped glowing and withered, leaving a crystal.[3][4]

Black Dandelion[]


The Black Dendelion.

A black flower resembling a dandelion that can infect Human hosts and give them Contractor-like abilities.


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