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Gaiden 03
DtB Gaiden 3 Setting
Air date 26th May, 2010
Season Darker than Black: The Black Contractor
Episodes Gaiden
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Picking up from last time,the men barging in to help Hei turned out to be Amber’s former Evening Primrose members led by Amagiri. Upon talking to Hei about how books from over fifty years ago predicted the appearance of a girl with the power to change the world and wondering if Amber foresaw all this, Amagiri asks Hei what exactly does he think of Yin. Hei is unable to give an answer.

Later, Yin tells Hei that there is something trying to talk to her and that it is strongest when Hei is nearby. Hei offers to split up so that she will not be further hurt, but Yin declines, saying that she would not be able to forget about him.

Xi-Qi's dog companion points out that the Madame said that Contractors are nothing more than defective dolls. While in the jungle, Hei is attacked by the Amagiri's Contractors, who blame him for Amber's death. He battles and defeats several of them before returning to the Contractors' compound to search for Yin, only to find that she is gone. Back out in the jungle, Hei finds the Contractors, who have been killed. The Dog reveals that Xi-Qi has taken Yin in order to satisfy his own curiosity on what will happen if she awakens.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Xiao Jie (flashback)
  2. Hei
  3. Yin
  4. Amagiri
  5. Various EPR Contractors
  6. Rubber Band Contractor
  7. Xi-Qi
  8. The Dog
  9. Qin
  10. Child Doll