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Gaiden 04
Darker than BLACK - Gaiden 04
Air date 21st July, 2010
Season Darker than Black: The Black Contractor
Episodes Gaiden
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Gaiden 03
The Black Cat Doesn't Have a Dream of the Star...
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Xi-Qi gives Yin an unknown substance which should make her unstable to fasten her awakening. He calls every secret organization in the world in order to set them up against each other. The Chinese Secret Organization is first, whom Xi-Qi sells Yin to. He throws the money out of the window. In the next scene, Hei is seen with the real contractor body of the dog who helps him now because of Xi-Qi's irrational actions. They are able to enter into the building, killing contractors in the process. Outside the building, several organizations are fighting each other just as Xi-Qi had intended.

Hei breaks through the door and sees Yin. He runs to her and notices that Yin is actually Xi-Qi in disguise. Xi-Qi reveals that his mind control has already taken effect, while Hei questions Yin's whereabouts. Xi-Qi doesn't answer the question and Hei sends an electric shock through Xi-Qi's neck. Suddenly, he realizes that Xi-Qi was also an illusion and that Hei actually used his powers on the real Yin. The real Xi-Qi appears, telling everyone his plan and gets attacked by the Chinese organization. He allows himself to be shot by one of the armed men.

Yin finally awakens as Izanami and kills everyone apart from Hei. He jumps out the window where two Yins appear: Izanami and Yin. Yin tells Hei that she loves him and that her last wish is to be killed by him to stop her from fully awakening. Hei isn't able to do it and a big explosion-like wave is seen. Hei then loses consciousness.

The events leading up to this point was foreshadowed by the Mikata Documents, which are the memory of the future. Presumably shortly after the events of that episode, Hei and Yin are now split up. Yin has been captured by the Japanese organization Section 3, which is a government group that consists mainly of contractors. Hei is shown to have become an alcoholic. When MadameOreille sees him drinking at a canal, she offers him to work for the CIA, revealing to Hei that Yin isn't dead yet.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. EPR members
  2. Amagiri
  3. Rubber Band Contractor
  4. Xi-Qi
  5. Yin
  6. The Dog
  7. Child Doll
  8. Yōko Sawasaki
  9. Mina Hazuki
  10. Goro Kobayashi
  11. Mina's father
  12. Qin
  13. Oreille