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Shizuma Genma's Power.jpg|Genma using his abilities.
Shizuma Genma's Power.jpg|Genma using his abilities.
[[File:Moxibutionwiki.jpg|Shizume's remuneration.
Moxibutionwiki.jpg|Shizume's remuneration.
S2E2 Yoko, Mina and Genma.jpg|[[Mina]] uses Genma to pay her Obeisance.
S2E2 Yoko, Mina and Genma.jpg|[[Mina]] uses Genma to pay her Obeisance.
S2E3 Yoko and Genma Moxibution.jpg|[[Yōko Sawasaki]] helps Genma with his Obeisance.
S2E3 Yoko and Genma Moxibution.jpg|[[Yōko Sawasaki]] helps Genma with his Obeisance.
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S2E5 Mina Hazuki and Genma Shizume.jpg|Genma and Mina.
S2E5 Mina Hazuki and Genma Shizume.jpg|Genma and Mina.
S2E6 Hei battles Genma Shizume.jpg|[[Hei]] and Genma fighting.
S2E6 Hei battles Genma Shizume.jpg|[[Hei]] and Genma fighting.
S2E7 Misaki Kirihara and Genma Shizume.jpg|Genma and Misaki talk about [[Section 3]].
Busarmor.png|Genma about to attack Hei.
Busarmor.png|Genma about to attack Hei.
Genma Dead.jpg|Genma's dead body seen in the ending credits
Genma Dead.jpg|Genma's dead body seen in the ending credits

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Genma Shizume
Gender Male
Race Contractor
Messier Code Unknown
Ability Material Manipulation/Absorption
Obeisance Moxibustion
Professional Status
Affiliation Section 3
Team Mina Hazuki, Yōko Sawasaki, Misaki Kirihara
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 2, Episode 1
Last Seen Season 2, Episode 12
Japanese Voice Kenta Miyake
English Voice Newton Pittman

Genma Shizume (鎮目弦馬, Shizume Genma), was a Contractor and member of the Japanese Government's Section 3.


Genma has black hair, sideburns and a beard covering his chin only. He usually wears a business suit and brown overcoat.


Genma, in contrast to Mina Hazuki and much like his second mission partner, Yōko Sawasaki, is a Contractor with a rather jovial disposition. He is often at odds with Mina, who sees him to be a pervert among other things, but he doesn't tend to mind much. He has on occasion made comments about finding children attractive.[1]


Shizuma Genma's Power

Genma using his abilities.


Material Manipulation/Absorption: Genma's ability allows him to form defensive or offensive weapons, through the construction of an entire or partial suit of armor, created out of a variety of materials. To do so he must firstly make physical contact with the object he wishes to manipulate. He tends to favour materials such as metal and concrete, effectively employing their resistive properties to substantially enhance his own defensive capabilities, to the extent that protecting from bullets is of little hassle. This form of manipulation also possesses offensive augmentations, by dramatically increasing the impactive force of his punches, to where they can easily crush an opponent.[2]

Obeisance: His remuneration is a form of incense related aromatherapy or a kind of moxibustion, which is performed by another person lighting numerous piles of incense upon his back.[3]

Part in the Story

S2E2 Yoko, Mina and Genma

Mina uses Genma to pay her Obeisance.

Along with Mina Hazuki and Yōko Sawasaki, he listens in on a radio conversation between July, April and August 7 as April tries to escape from a Russian raid on Mikhail Pavlichenko's house.[4] He later finds Suou Pavlichenko running away from Mina's battle with Hei, but is pounced upon by Mao and has a bin thrown over his head by Suou before she escapes. Soon after Mina retreats from her battle with Hei, he is kissed by Mina, as her remuneration requires it. Genma doesn't mind, but is stung by Mina's remark of washing his taste out when asked why she kissed Yōko. He follows Hei and Suou's trail later, and runs into a group of Russian soldiers led by Gozlov, and he massacres them using a suit of improvised armor made by his Contractor ability made from rubble, killing Gozlov last.[2]

S2E3 Yoko and Genma Moxibution

Yōko helps Genma with his Obeisance.

When Hei is trapped by anti-Contractor devices, he and Yōko observe from a nearby can. However, the devices overload and Suou escapes with Hei. They fail to capture him, but Genma nonetheless finishes off the barely alive August 7. Later, Yōko assists him with his obeisance, while an irritated Mina watches on. They later track Hei and Suou to a train station, where Genmae commandeers a train and drives it into another, causing a giant fuel explosion. He is later disarmed when Suou fires at him, blocking the bullet just in time with gauntlets created from steel siphoned from another train.[3]

S2E4 Yoko, Genma and Mina at HQ

Genma and the others greet Misaki.

At Section 3's headquarters, Kobayashi introduces Misaki Kirihara to them, who is under the alias of Ichinose Yayoi. He gives her a wanted poster of Hei and mentions that he is traveling with Shion Pavlichenko.[5] Genma is present when Kobayashi informs Misaki about a mission to escort Izanami from Sapporo. He points out that there is a reason they cannot be careless, alluding to BK-201 being spotted in the area. At the research facility, Misaki gives a mission briefing to the team. Genma expresses displeasure at the situation, saying that they should fight it out with BK-201, only to be shot down by Mina.[6]

S2E6 Hei battles Genma Shizume

Hei and Genma fighting.

The plan successfully traps Hei and Genma battles him using an entire truck as makeshift armor. During the fight, he reveals to Hei that Izanami is in fact Yin. Upon hearing this, Hei flees the fight by hitching a ride on a civilian car. Genma tries to pursue him, but to his despair, notices that the truck is too damaged to drive.[7] Some time later, he vistis Misaki at the Observatory where she contemplates calling Kanami Ishizaki, but decides against it. Genma appears and tells her that it is for the best as the phone lines are tapped and it would have caused trouble for Kanami. He then notes that he thought Misaki would be trawling through archives and proposes that they work together to find out what is going on in Section 3.[8]

He later tries to rescue Yōko when she is kidnapped by Hei. Genma chases him by truck, but fails to reach him when a plane passes directly in front of him. He is next seen in the company of his other Section 3 comrades after Yoko's death. He complains to Kobayashi that, although one of their own team mates has been murdered, they choose to do nothing, but upon Misaki imparting information about Izanami and Izanagi, Kobayashi sends Genma, Misaki, Mina, a handful of armed troops and a trio of assisting Contractors to where Suou, Mikhail Pavlichenko and Mao are, the Sunshine Aquarium.


He briefly confronts the three personally, attempting to convince Suou and Mikhail to come quietly, but Mikahil wards him off with a pistol. However, as the trio attempt to escape to another building, a Contractor with an ability similar to Luco's gravely wounds Mikhail with a spear formed from wind, and, as a result of them being slowed down due to Mikhail's injury, Genma catches up to them, clad in a suit formed from rubble. He challenges Suou, who summons her rifle and uses it to blow several large holes in Genma and chip away more of his armor, but the shells do not prove to be an obstacle for him, even after suffering a shot directly through his upper torso.

After withstanding Suou's barrage, he slams her into a pillar and repairs himself by fusing more rubble to his body. He prevents Suou from reaching her rifle, dangling her by the waist, but she throws a handful of dust into his revealed eye. He recovers, but Suou shoots him in the head, seemingly killing him. However, moments later, he reveals himself to be unharmed and alive due to the heavily reinforced concrete slowing down the bullet, and due to the suit bracing his neck to prevent it from being broken, and is about to destroy Mikhail's corpse when he is interrupted by John Smith.

File:Genma Dead.jpg

Later it is revealed by Kobayashi to Misaki and Mina, after the latter's confrontation with Hei, that Hei did not kill Yōko. Instead, Kobayashi reveals that Genma, who is a double agent for the CIA, is the real killer. Consequently, Mina engages him in battle and he is later seen dead, killed by Mina forcing her bokken through his right eye.



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