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Heaven's Gate Map South America

The Impregnable Zone created from Heaven's War.

The Heaven's Gate is a chaotic area of space that appeared in South America with a majority of it in Brazil and the remaining area in Bolivia and Paraguay. Heaven's Gate and Hell's Gate are located on opposite ends of the globe.

Heaven's War[]

The appearance of the Heaven's Gate apparently started a large-scale war known as the Heaven's War, in which Great Britain and Argentina participated. A number of Contractors, including Amber, Havoc, Hei and Bai were involved in the War and were adversely affected by the Heaven's Gate's sudden disappearance. The area where the gate was has become inaccessible.


Heaven's Gate disappeared five years before the beginning of the series, along with millions of people[1] and everything within a 1500km radius of it following high levels of Contractor activity, including UB-001 and BK-201.[2] This coincided with a Solar Maximum and Stargazer talking.[3] This happened just as efforts were being made to destroy the Gate with the Jupiter Ring, a particle accelerator. Dr. Robert Schroeder, a scientist studying the Gates and who was involved in the attempt, believes that due to no person being able to enter the area where the Gate formerly was, combined with Lancelnopt Synchrotron radiation still being detected there, the Gate still exists in some form that is invisible and intangible.[4]

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