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Heaven's War is a conflict which took place in South America around the area known as Heaven's Gate. It ended five years prior to the events of Darker than Black: The Black Contractor with the creation of an exclusion zone around the Gate.

While the precise details are unknown, the war occurred due to an incorrect interpretation of the prophecy contained in the secret Mikata Documents.[1]


It has also been referred to as a third world war, though it is unclear what groups were involved in the war, except for Argentina and the United Kingdom. Contractors were used as a major weapon in this war. Hei, Bai, Amber, and Havoc, among many others are know to have been one team in this war. During the war, Robert Schroeder led the failed Jupiter Ring project to destroy the Heaven's Gate.


As with the causes and events of the war itself, few details of the outcome of Heaven's War are known.

  • The area within 1,500km radius from Heaven's Gate became inaccessible.[2]
  • The events or outcome of the war lead the UK to decide to leave the overseeing of future Gate research to the UN PANDORA organisation.[3]
  • Amber creates the organisation Evening Primrose to combat the Syndicate.
  • Bai disappeared.[4]
  • Hei became a Contractor.


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