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Map tokyo and Hell's Gate

Location of Hell's Gate.

The Hell's Gate is a mysterious and chaotic area of space that appeared in Tokyo ten years before the start of the series, giving rise to Contractors and Dolls, at the same time as the moon vanished and the real sky was replaced with a false one.[1]


ScreenHunter 11 Dec 14 01 45

The wall around Hell's Gate.

Within the area of Hell's Gate, the laws of physics are void.[2] According to Robert Schroeder, Hell's Gate and Heaven's Gate support each other as one entity, meaning that if one is destroyed, the other will be as well. A huge double wall was built around the area affected by Hell's Gate. This wall keeps civilians and any other interested parties out of the Gate, as well as acting as a fortress to protect the Saturn Ring.[3]

Story 6 quote

The entrance to PANDORA's facility at Hell's Gate.

Several countries, including Japan, are cautiously conducting research on the Hell's Gate, exemplified by the top-secret PANDORA research facility built within the Gate's perimeter walls. PANDORA works in and around Hell's Gate itself, sending both manned and robotic expeditions into the area.[4]

Gate-Related Phenomena[]

When the Gate first appeared, the real sky and moon vanished and were replaced by a false sky, whose stars twinkled when a related Contractor used their ability. The moon has only reappeared once.[5]

According to an urban legend, a person can retrieve something that's once been lost inside the Gate, albeit at a substantial price.[4] When Contractors get near the Gate they become restless. The Gate can also give Regressors their powers back, as seen with Havoc.[6]

S1E24 Sunspot graphic

PANDORA analysis of the sunspots.

According to Kanami Ishizaki, ever since the Gate appeared, a new phenomenon called the Solar Maximum occurs on the sun. Every few years, the largest sunspots, classified by their Zurick number, appear in clusters on the sun's surface, giving it the appearance of a large eyeball. A Solar Maximum coincided with the disappearance of the Heaven's Gate five years ago.[7]

S1E24 Solar Maximum

The sun during the final stage of Solar Maximum.

The Solar Maximum can last for over forty five days and its final stage lasts thirty minutes. It is only during these thirty minutes that both BK-201's ability to make the Gate vanish and the Saturn Ring's ability to destroy the Gate are possible.[3] Misaki Kirihara suggests that there is a link between increased Contractor activity during this period and the Solar Maximum itself.[8]

S1E24 Hei, Yin, Mao walk on side of building in Hells gate

Hei, Yin and Mao walk on the side of a building within the Gate.

Inside Hell's Gate, it is difficult to navigate as there are an abundance of portals which when walked through transport the person to another area or even cause them to walk on a building's side or walk on water. According to PANDORA research, a single Doll trying to use their surveillance spectre within the Gate will experience intense pain. However, if a large enough group of Dolls operate in concert, they can operate within the Gate effectively.[3]

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