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S1E17 Irene
Gender Female
Race Human
Birthplace The Philippines
Relatives Father, brothers and sister
Professional Status
Occupation Hostess
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 17

Irene is one of the residents of Misuzu Ōyama's apartment building, living on the ground floor.


She lived in the Philippines before moving to Japan to make money for her family back in her homeland by working as a hostess. She sends money back every month.[1]


Irene is a dark skinned woman with orange hair. She frequently wears skimpy outfits, such as a loose fitting pink top and white shorts.


She states that her work is not that hard and that Japanese people are all rich and perverted. She likes to drink, even early in the morning.[1] She told Kenji that while she could not get much of an education herself, she wants her family to have a better chance that she did.[2]

Part in the Story[]

The Black Contractor[]

DTB Civilians

Babo, Joshua, Lewis and Irene socializing.

Irene, Lewis, Babo and Joshua engage in some early morning drinking, much to the annoyance of landlady Misuzu Ōyama. When Irene invites Hei to join them, Misuzu sweeps up a load of dust to stop them from forcing the uninterested Hei to drink with them. Later, while socializing early in the morning, Kenji Sakurai smashes in the door complaining about the noise the four friends were making, much to their shock. When Misuzu enters the room and complains about the door, the four help with the repairs and then have lunch together with Hei and the Ōyamas, during which they discuss the reasons they are there. Afterward, they four take Kenji to one of their apartments to drink. Lewis mentions that Hei is a loner and that they rarely interact with him. Irene says that it is fine, as some people are able to live like that and that they should carry on drinking. They carry on until all four fall asleep and Kenji leaves.[1]


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