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Gender Male
Race Contractor
Messier Code CY-463
Ability Doll Specter Capturing
Obeisance Writing Poetry
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Russian Intelligence
Partner Bertha
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 13
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 14
Japanese Voice Aoyama Yutaka (青山 穣)
English Voice Vic Mignogna

Itzhak was a companion of Bertha. He was a Contractor who worked for the Russian Intelligence.



A very sharp and calculating individual who takes action immediately, when he senses something out of the ordinary. Although his Obeisance is writing poetry, he takes no pleasure in it, and rather completes the task just because he has to. He and his partner Bertha work and get along well with each other


Itzhak's Power

Itzhak displaying his power.

Doll Specter Capturing: Itzhak's ability is to capture the "specters" projected by Dolls. He steals many from the astronomy division's mediums. It appears that when he captures them he can also acquire knowledge from the controller of the specters. His power also seems to allow him to use the specter he's captured the same way the medium uses it.[1]

Obeisance: Itzhak's obeisance is writing poetry, although he is not very good at it, shown by Bertha commenting that it sounds like a girl wrote it, and that he should at least have it rhyme. He responds that he had never done this before the contract.[1]

Part in the Story[]

The Black Contractor[]

S1E13 Bertha watches Itzhak catch Doll spirits

Itzhak catches Doll observer spirits with his ability.

Itzhak first appears when he meets up with Bertha to discuss their mission, reminding her that it is to establish the identity, numbers and abilities of targets, not kill them. He senses that there are dolls in the vicinity, and proceeds use his ability which is to capture the specter which is used by Dolls. After capturing all the spectre's of the astronomy division's doll's within the vicinity, he notices another one, and proceeds to capture that spectre as well. That particular spectre turns out to belong to Yin.[1]

S1E13 Itzhak lures Yin

Itzhak lures Yin in order to capture her.

Bertha and Itzhak then set out to capture Yin. They are able to lure Yin to a building site by attracting her with her own observer specter. Itzhak gloats about being able to read Dolls' minds and how easy it is, but to his surprise Yin tries to run away. He almost catches her, but Mao lands on him and cuts his face before Hei arrives, and a battle begins. Bertha causes the building to collapse with her ability. Everyone escapes, and Yin are taken by Gai Kurusawa, Kiko Kayanuma and her former teacher Eelis Kastinen to safety.[1]

S1E14 Bertha and Itzhak die

Bertha and Itzhak lie dying.

Itzhak and Bertha are eventually able to locate Yin. While following her trail, they talk about Bertha's Obeisance and past, killing an officer at a security checkpoint searching for Contractors along the way. They track Yin to an abandoned building, where another battle with Hei commences. The battle ends with Bertha being killed by Hei and Itzhak killed by Huang who shot him through a sniper rifle. Before his life ends, he releases all the specters that he had captured.[2]


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