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Gender Female
Race Human
Birthplace Japan
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Chapter 1. Dark Clouds
Last Seen Chapter 17. Ministry of Public Safety
Japanese Voice N/A

Kyōko was a school girl, who is friend with Azusa Tsukimori. She was killed in a fight between Hei and Harvest.


Kyōko is a friend of Azusa, with the pair attending the same school.


Kyōko has long blonde hair normally put back in ponytails.



Kyōko was shown to have been infected by the Black Dandelion, but did not show the ability acquired by it.

Part in the Story[]

Shikkoku no Hana[]

As school ends, Kyōko calls for Azusa, wishing to go home. However, Azusa dawdles at the window, telling her friend that she wishes to be a Contractor.[1]

At a restaurant, Azusa complains about her short height. Kyōko suggests that Azusa quits her volleyball if it bothers her so much, but Azusa rejects this in such a manner that Kyōko is able to work out that she has a crush on the volleyball coach, Daisuke Mioka. Kyōko tries to warn her off of the coach, suggesting that he is involved with other students, but Azusa refuses to believe this. Kyōko tells her that she will be there to comfort Azusa when she is dropped by Daisuke and agrees not to tell anyone. Some time later, Kyōko finds Azusa crying in the rain without an umbrella. She chases after Azusa, stopping when she encounters Daisuke along the way.[2]


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