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The following is a list of abilities that are used by characters in Darker than Black.


Mao About To Switch Bodies
Animal Possession Mao
Obeisance: Unknown (Contract Fulfilled by Mao)
An ability which is particularly useful for spying and scouting missions. By being able to transfer between the bodies of different animals, the user can gain the abilities of the said animal (including flying, speed and agility). The downside to this technique is that a server has to be created between the user and the animals brain, as an animal's mind is not as complex as a humans. Losing contact with this server will allow the animal to be free again, until the user can re-establish the connection.
April's Power
Atmospheric Pressure Operation April
Obeisance: Drinking Alcoholic Beverages
April is able to change the weather dramatically, creating hurricanes and heavy downpours. This ability synchronizes well with November 11's ability to solidify liquids, through the process of freezing. She also seems to be able to manipulate the weather, showing the ability to control the direction and strength of wind and even attempting to drown Hei in a bubble made of her rainwater.
Wei Using his Blood
Blood-Induced Matter Transportation Wei Zhijun
Obeisance: Spilling His Own Blood
This technique allows the user to disintegrate anything his/her blood spills upon. Since Wei's obeisance is also spilling his own blood, he fulfills his contract while using his technique at the same time.
Sokoloff's Victim
Brain Asphyxiation Ilya Sokoloff
Obeisance: Drawing
This technique allows the user to completely restrict the flow oxygen to an opponent's brain, essentially killing their victims via 'turning off' the brains of their targets, until they die from lack of oxygen.
S2G4 Hei attacked by Bubble
Bubble Combustion Unknown Contractor[1]
Obeisance: Unknown
User creates a bubble and sends it towards target. It then detonates with explosive force similar to a grenade. User can generate multiple bubbles at once.
Amber Using Her Power
Chronokinesis Amber
Obeisance: Aging Backwards
Amber's ability includes temporal freezing and the rewinding of past events, to an unknown degree. Elaborate usage of her power enables her to gain knowledge of future events, and then respond to them accordingly. Once time has been frozen around her, she can also pull other people out of the frozen time stream, while those still under her ability's effect will no longer detect her presence or movement. Her remuneration is aging backwards, making her appear frequently younger. Amagiri has warned her that she cannot use her ability flippantly, saying that she can only pay off her contract to a certain extent.
S1E24 Compression ability
Compression Sphere Unnamed EPR Contractor[2]
Obeisance: Unknown
This ability allows the Contractor to throw an object, such as a basketball, at a target and ignite it remotely as the focal point of a sphere which extends a couple of metres. Anything with the affected area is severed from any part of it that is outside the area of effect and is compressed in to a small black orb.
Amagiri's Power
Concussive Blasts Amagiri, Unnamed Contractor[3]
Obeisance: Consumption Of Boiled Eggs (Amagiri only)
Amagiri is able to project concussive blasts with his palms. This technique is especially useful for mid to long range attacks.
Cutting Grenade Unknown Syndicate Contractor
Obeisance: Unknown
Used by an unknown Syndicate Contractor. They seem to be able to coat ball shaped objects, such as golf balls, in a black energy, and throw them. At some point during the throw, the balls explode, sending out a disk shaped cutting force, able to slice through concrete.
Disintegration Harvest
Obeisance: Swallowing round things
Harvest has the ability to nullify the intrinsic field of any object, disintegrating it. The resulting substance seems to have a similar consistency to sand.
Disintegration and Remodeling by Breath Bill Art
Obeisance: Unknown
Used by Bill Art, a Contractor detailed on the list of Contractors Kirihara used to find Harvest. He is registered as being killed in South America. His messier code is EG033.
Orb contractor
Displacement Orb Unnamed Syndicate Contractor[4]
Obeisance: Neck-cracking
This ability allows the Contractor to take an orb-like object and ignite it remotely as the focal point of a sphere of displacement that extends a certain amount of feet from its origin. Anything with the extended area of influence is displaced into an unknown area.
Itzhak's Power
Doll Specter Capturing Itzhak
Obeisance: Writing Poetry
Itzhak has the ability to capture dolls within his range. Once captured, it is possible to track the doll to a limited extent.
Nick And Hei's Using Their Power
Electrokinesis Nick Hillman
Obeisance: Placing Victims Shoes Upside Down
An ability which allows the user to control electricity. The user can easily kill or stun opponents they come into contact with, depending upon the specific amount of electricity released.
S1E25 Forcefield Contractors power
Force-Field Unnamed EPR Contractor[5]
Obeisance: Unknown
This ability allows the Contractor to create an invisible force-field able to withstand and reflect outside force. It is strong enough that automatic weapons fire bounces off the force field and shields multiple individuals while still allowing the others to use their own abilities.
Luise's Power
Gravity Manipulation Luise, Xiao Jie, Unknown Contractor #1[6], Unknown Contractor #2[7]
Obeisance: Breaking His Own Fingers (Luise Only)
Removing a piece of clothing (Xiao only)
Eating fruit (Unknown Contractor #2)
This technique allows the user to manipulate gravity. If done correctly, the user can fly temporarily or even immobilize an enemy, by using a substantial gravitational force to completely restrict movement through the massive increase in the opponent's weight.
Heat Generation Unknown Syndicate Contractor
Obeisance: Unknown
Used by an unknown syndicate Contractor. They seem to be able to generate concentrated heat in their hands to attack. The attack was powerful enough to damage concrete.
S2G3 Icicle Contractor
Icicle Generation Unknown EPR Contractor[8]
Obeisance: Unknown
Used by an unknown Evening Primrose Contractor. With the wave of a hand, they can generate and launch a volley of icicles at a target.
Induced Hallucination Abigail Croft
Obeisance: Unknown
Abigail Croft has the ability to cause anyone near her to hallucinate to the extent of being unable to move, incapacitating anyone in range. The hallucinations usually manifest as warped and shifting vision.
Information Absorption Luke Price (CD Drama-only Contractor)
Obeisance: Singing Karaoke
This ability allows Price to absorb information and memories about varied things from the corpses of people that he's killed.
Insect Manipulation
Insect Manipulation Tanya Akulova
Obeisance: Ripping Her Own Hair
Tanya has the ability to control a significant amount of insects completely, allowing her to use them to swarm and subsequently attack any desired enemy.
November 11 Freezing
Liquid-Induced Cryokinesis November 11
Obeisance: Smoking
A limited form of cryokinesis, that results in the user being able to freeze liquids according to their will. The user can create sharp objects to stab a victim, or if the victim is wet, to freeze them as well. April's ability to create downpours and November 11's ability to freeze said liquid, has been shown to be a deadly combination.
Gaiden 1 Invisible Contractor
Invisibility Unknown Syndicate Contractor[9]
Obeisance: Unknown
User can turn itself invisible. Clothing and objects held are also affected.
August's Power
Magic August 7
Obeisance: Revealing The Secrets Of Magicians' Tricks
August 7's abilities allow him to conduct numerous "magical" feats, where the effects are real rather than employing simple trickery. It's theorized he accomplishes this by manipulating the space around him. This includes the instantaneous production of various weapons, such as swords and shotguns, from the inside his coat. He also demonstrates a form of intangibility; allowing multiple objects to pass through him without harm, even absorbing a large quantity of bullets, before subsequently reflecting them back moments later.
Shizuma Genma's Power
Material Manipulation/Absorption Genma Shizume
Obeisance: Moxibustion
A limited form of manipulation, that allows the user to construct a rudimentary form of armor out of the surrounding materials available, including concrete taken from buildings and the metal from the side of trains. Despite it's appearance, the armor is capable of protecting the Contractor from bullets. It can also be manipulated offensively to increase the user's destructive force, due simply to the considerable bulk/mass that they now wield.
S1E25 Sinkhole Contractors power
Matter Holes Unnamed EPR Contractor[10]
Obeisance: Unknown
This ability allows the Contractor to displace the mass in a large area in the shape of circle, causing whatever is above the circle to fall in to the resultant hole. This ability has been shown to make something reminiscent of a instant sink hole.
S1E24 Hei electrocutes Huang cigarette
Molecular Manipulation Bai, Hei
Obeisance: Sleeping (Bai Only)
A powerful technique, which allows the user to manipulate electricity on various scales, even to the molecular level. The technique can work with all possible ranges. As long as an object is a conductor of electricity, the technique can be passed through it, making indirect attacks possible.
Body Switching
Possession Amitabh Kapoor, The Dog
Obeisance: Painting nails (The Dog)
(Contract Fulfilled by Amitabh Kapoor)
This ability allows the Contractor to jump bodies between humans. The downside of this ability is that the Contractor's original body is empty and unconscious during the techniques use, so if the body is harmed the Contractor must keep living with the body he possessed. He needs to intentionally activate the jump again to return to his own body. Once the Contractor loses his original body, through the said method, he also pays off his contract.
Projectile Enhancement Ability
Projectile Enhancement Unnamed EPR Contractor[11]
Obeisance: Unknown
This ability allows the Contractor to shoot rubber bands as energy projectiles that have the force of armor-piercing ammunition. The projectiles are capable of passing through a soldier's helmet, skull and the other side of the helmet.
Mai's Power
Pyrokinesis Mai Kashiwagi
Obeisance: Humming A Song
A powerful form of pyrokinesis, which allows the user to both create and control fire. Incinerating an enemy can also be preformed using this technique, as long as the target is within range.
Maki's Power
Remote Spontaneous Combustion Maki
Obeisance: Drinking Hot Milk
A technique which allows the user to explode any object they have previously "marked", achieved simply by placing their hand upon the intended target. This technique is particularly useful for destroying targets from a distance, without bringing attention to the Contractor. This ability is powerful enough to be mistaken for bombings.
Shihoko Kishida Ability
Rupture Internal Organs Shihoko Kishida
Obeisance: Regaining Of Human Emotions
This power is capable of destroying the internal organs of an intended individual without any outwardly visible indications of the inflicted damage, except for blood pouring forth from the victim's orifices.
S2E19 Alma
Shape-Shifting Alma
Obeisance: Aging
Allows Alma to change her appearance and impersonate others. She can also appear as a younger version of herself.
S2G4 shockwave collapses wall
Shockwave Creation Unknown Contractor[12]
Obeisance: Unknown
User can create shockwaves which demolish walls or tear up floors.
Suou's Power
Anti-Tank Rifle Materializing Suou Pavlichenko
Obeisance: Constructing Origami
In combination with the amulet around her neck, Suou has demonstrated the ability to produce a Degtyarov PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle and the corresponding shells (1 chambered, and 5 in her pocket).
Bertha Using Her Power
Sound Resonance Manipulation Bertha
Obeisance: Ingest Something And Then Vomiting It
With this ability it is possible to control objects, as long as the user knew the right frequency of sound-waves. With the production of the correct frequency, it is even possible to make someone undergo cardiac arrest.
S2G1 Sound Contractor
Sound Manipulation Unknown Syndicate Contractor[13]
Obeisance: Unknown
Using clappers in his hands, the user can cause intense pain to a target's ears, inhibiting their actions.
Spatial Teleportation Parcel
Obeisance: Wearing fake animal ears
Parcel is able to emit a black orb from her body which encompasses a spherical area. She can then remotely open another black orb in another location, creating a spatial link between the two, in which only parcel can travel. She is able to teleport people and objects with this ability.
S1E1 Jean uses power to appear beside Hei
Matter Substitution Jean
Obeisance: Arranging Things Methodically And Ruining It
A technique that allows the user to substitute matter at will. This can also include body parts, like the heart. The user places his hand on a random item and a light helps him aim at the object the user wishes to be substituted.
High Speed Movement
Super Speed Goran, Dash
Obeisance: Eating Burgers (Goran only)
This ability allows Goran to move at extremely high speeds, which are capable of even reacting to shot bullets. The speed is so great that if the Contractor gets hit by any object while he's using the technique, he's likely to get severely injured. Even simple rain hitting the body while using this ability is enough to kill him. The speed also appears difficult to control as the user seemingly finds the process of stopping and altering direction challenging, often resulting in crashing into any object within his path.
Season 2 Episode 1-2
Physical item copying and Telepathy Shion Pavlichenko
Obeisance: Not Making Use Of One's Legs (Contract Paid)
Shion has demonstrated the ability to communicate telepathically with anyone he needs to. Also creating a copy of his sister Suou, giving her false memories. It is believed that he managed to pay his contract by being wheelchair bound for numerous years.
S1E21 Telekinesis power
Telekinesis Unnamed Contractor K-10[14]
Obeisance: Unknown
The Contractor with the Messier Code K-10 can make items move in a telekinetic fashion, such as hurling a rubbish bin he had already passed at Yūsuke Saitō to stop the police officer's pursuit of him.
Brita's Power
Teleportation Brita, Unknown Teleportation Contractor (OVA)
Obeisance: Kissing Someone (Brita), Inability To Keep Secrets (Unknown Teleportation Contractor (OVA))
A useful ability that allows the user to teleport themselves wherever they want. Brita's version of the technique had the added benefit of being able to teleport anyone she has physical contact with as well. Since Brita's obeisance was kissing someone, she combined the two together, successfully fulfilling her contract while using her powers at the same time. She is only able to teleport organic matter, and does not work with inanimate things such as clothes etc.
S1E5 Havocs power
Vacuum Creation Havoc
Obeisance: Drinking Blood Of Children
Havoc was said to have the extremely deadly power of being able to create vacuum at will. With this ability, she became one of the more violent and widely feared Contractors.
Water Manipulation
Water Manipulation Michiru
Obeisance: Cooking
Michiru is able to detect and control water. She can use this ability to sense the enemy's presence and then attack using the water.
Gemini Episode 2 - Female Contracter's Power
Weapon Energizing Mina Hazuki
Obeisance: Sexual contact (e.g. kissing) with men
This ability allows the Contractor to "energize" objects, more specifically wood (as a weapon), in order to increase the materials properties and so maximize its capabilities, such as sharpness.
Gaiden 1 Dtbweapon
Weapon Manipulation Unknown Syndicate Contractor[15], Unknown Contractor[16]
Obeisance: Unknown
User can "energize" weapons such as nails or stones and move them in a telekinetic fashion.
Wind Manipulation Luco
Obeisance: Creasing the corners of book pages
Luco has the ability to manipulate wind, solidifying it into daggers, whips and spears possessing lethal cutting ability.
Top rope ability
Rope Manipulation Top-rope
Obeisance: Unknown
Top-rope is able to freely control a stretch of rope he carries with him. The rope is incredibly strong and durable, able to squeeze people to death and cope with a two ton weight. He is able to use the rope to block bullets by having it weave in front of him.
Gaiden 2 Claude ability
Mental Manipulation Claude
Obeisance: Eat a petal of a flower
Xi-Qi's core ability is to control people. He can also control people's senses, putting people under illusions that are extremely realistic. He was even able to trick Hei into thinking he was Amber. Xi-Qi claims that he is capable of controlling more than one person at a time.

Black Dandelion Characters[]

Cutting Elongation Unknown Syndicate solder
Obeisance: none
A victim of Harvests black flower, this soldier gains the ability to lengthen the cutting length of a bladed weapon, forming, in effect, an invisible sword. Harvest notes that the invisible blade will not harm anything that is not moving or in motion, and will only cut moving objects. This is shown when an agent that was standing still was unharmed by the attack.
Fog Generation Unnamed Syndicate soldier
Obeisance: none
An ability gained by the Black Dandelion. Harvest infected a number of solders during his attack on the syndicate headquarters. An unnamed Syndicate soldier was infected and made to do Harvest's bidding. His ability is to generate a thick fog from his body, allowing no one to see.
Generation of a black flower which can enslave infected humans, giving them abilities Black Dandelion
Obeisance: Being forgotten
This Contractor's power was to create a black flower, of which the seeds were infectious, and could control the minds of people it infected, and also giving them a random ability in the process.
Azusa ability
Sonic Kicking Azusa Tsukimori
Obeisance: None
Azusa gained this ability through the Black Dandelion. She has shown to have super strength and speed in her legs, able to run, jump and kick at super human levels. She has shown the ability to dismember limbs and impale people with kicks.
Uber-Sense William Perry
Obeisance: none
William Perry was the syndicate squad commander. He had gained this ability due to the Black Dandelion compound the syndicate had developed. This ability allows him to process his senses at super-human levels, giving him near flawless reflexes. With this ability, he is able to easily dodge bullets, and see through enemy attacks.


S1E12 Doll's Spectre
Tracking (water) Yin
Her power lies in tracking and eavesdropping with water acting as her medium.
July's Tracking
Tracking (glass) July
July, as a doll, can send out tracking specters to see anything near his medium. July's medium is glass.
Tracking (plants) Champ
Champ, like all dolls, can send out tracking specters to perform surveillance. His specter medium are plants.
S1E13 Doll spirits
Tracking (power lines) National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Doll network
The Doll network operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan can send out tracking spectres using electric power lines as their medium.
Tracking (Dolls) Ariel and Bernice
Ariel and Bernice, the Dolls used by Madame Oreille, can send out tracking spectres using other Dolls as their medium.
S2G1 Clothes Doll
Tracking (clothes) Unknown Syndicate Doll[17]
As a doll, he can send out tracking specters to see anything near his medium. His medium is an item of clothing.


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