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Beneath Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom...

Sakura no Hana no Mankai no Shita...
OVA March 26, 2008
Ōtsuka Mayu works at the 4th Foreign Affairs Department in the Japanese National Police Agency as a liaison officer with the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. She wrote a story about a masked man that supposedly seemed to be a dream, but she isn't sure. Hei and his comrades got themselves a new task and are looking for a numeric password with a sample. A Contractor took it from the Hell's Gate and buried it under a blossom tree. As events unfold, Mayu seems to fall in love with Hei, while Yūsuke Saitō struggles to confess his feelings for Misaki Kirihara.
Yin Evolving
Gaiden 01

#01 January 27, 2010
Hei and Yin pose as honeymooners in Okinawa as they flee Syndicate Contractors trying to capture Yin.
Darker than BLACK - Gaiden 02 - 08
Gaiden 02

#02 March 24, 2010
Hei and Yin arrive in Hong Kong, where Hei spreads a rumour that he intends to sell Yin in order to lure out their pursuers. They become embroiled in a confrontation with the Contractor Xiao Jie and her brothers as a result.
DtB Gaiden 3 Setting
Gaiden 03

#03 May 26, 2010
After being rescued from Hong Kong by Amagiri and his forces, Hei, Yin and Qin spend some time with the remnants of Evening Primrose before Xi-Qi succeeds in abducting Yin in order to force her awakening.
Darker than BLACK - Gaiden 04
Gaiden 04

#04 July 21, 2010
As Xi-Qi invites various parties to buy Yin, Hei and The Dog track them down and attempt to stop Xi-Qi and Yin's awakening. However, Yin's evolution progresses to the next stage, endangering them all.