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The Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI-6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6) is a British intelligence agency. Like its real-life counterpart, its HQ is located at Vauxhall Cross. MI-6 looked at first to be investigating the syndicate , and assisting the Japanese police force in anyway they could to bring down the syndicate. However they were secretly in allegiance with the Syndicate, and looked to help them to annihilate the Contractors.

British Intelligence originally sent three operatives to Japan to retrieve Havoc. There are five known members: November 11, July, April, Decade , and August 7. Previously, some time in the past seemingly even before Heaven's War, Amber, as noted by April, was a member herself, going under the alias of 'February'. However, she defected, joining the Syndicate and forming a team out of herself, Hei, Bai, and the future target of selected MI-6 agents, Havoc.

The Tokyo branch is based out of the Kanei Trade building, which is blown up by Maki and Evening Primrose.[1]


  • All known MI-6 agents in the series, with the exception of Decade, are named after months. August and November do, however, have numerical suffixes in their names. Decade, as a measurement of years, probably indicates a higher rank.


  1. The Black Contractor, episode 15


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