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S2E12 Mikhail Pavlichenko Memory Extractor

The M.E. being used on Mikhail Pavlichenko.

The ME "memory extractor" is a technology developed through Gate-related research, and was created by Mikhail Pavlichenko.[1]


The M.E. is used to erase the memories of normal people who come in to contact with Contractors during the period when all information about Contractors was kept secret.[2] The M.E. is also able to extract and implant memories from people, and it can even extract memories from recently deceased people. This is referred to as the M.E. Squeezer by Repnin.[1] The M.E. uses a network system similar to the Doll Network and can store the memories of individuals that it has been used on and the events witnessed by the Doll Network.[3]


  • Shinoda Chiaki: The real Shinoda's memories were placed in a Doll to aid in it posing as Shinoda.[2][4]
  • Mai Kashiwagi: Mai had her memories erased after having her Contractor power suppressed by her father.[5][6]
  • Eelis Kastinen: Eelis memory is erased after Yin refuses to accompany him back to Europe.[7]
  • Suou Pavlichenko: When Suou dies as a young girl, her father (Mikhail Pavlichenko) extracted her memories from her dead body, and placed them into a copy of Suou made by Shion Pavlichenko.[8]
  • All the Evening Primrose suspects the Japanese police investigated had a specific part of their memory removed, along with information on the group's leader. These was actually part of a Syndicate plot to gain entry to the American embassy.[9]
  • Isozaki's Wife: The widow of police detective Isozaki has her memories erased after witnessing his violent death at the hands of a Contractor.[10]
  • The Russians use the M.E. on anyone who they identify as transforming into a Contractor, as well as erasing the relevant memories from any witnesses.[11][1]
  • Mikhail Pavlichenko: The creator of the M.E. has it used on him by John Smith following his death.[3]


The M.E. was referred to a lot in the first season of Darker Than Black, yet it was never seen until the second season.


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