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Meteor Fragment

The Meteor Fragment.

The Meteor Fragment is an object coveted by many intelligence agencies and organizations, and once held at PANDORA. It is often referred to as the Gate Proprietary Material by PANDORA.


Its appearance resembles a large lens, and when inside the Hell's Gate, it displays an as of yet unexplained synchrotron light. The Meteor Fragment allows entities which do not exist (such as ghosts) to appear, and also allows entities which exist to disappear.[1] Some contractors, such as Hei and Black Dandelion, experienced a great enhancement in their contractor abilities when they came into contact with the meteor fragment.

PANDORA's Research[]

According to Mina Kandaswamy, little is really known about the Meteor Fragment other than that a similar substance was found in South America before Heaven's Gate disappeared. It is believed that researching it may lead to valuable data that would help solve the mysteries of the Gate.[1] According to PANDORA research, while a single Doll will experience intense pain if it tries to observe the interior of Hell's Gate, a large enough group of Dolls linked together and amplified by the Meteor Fragment can reach all the way to the core of the Gate.[2]


S1E23 Meteor Fragment broken

The Meteor Fragment is shattered.

The Meteor Fragment which was being studied at PANDORA was first stolen by Nick Hillman for the CIA in a heist that resulted in an explosion which killed two security guards. It was then stolen by Hei who infiltrated the PANDORA installation on orders from the Syndicate to retrieve the Meteor Fragment.[1] It was smuggled out of PANDORA and within three weeks it was then obtained by Amber.[3] When the Evening Primrose launch their attack on PANDORA's Saturn Ring, Amber smashes the Meteor Fragment and gives the pieces to various Contractors who are about to attack PANDORA.[4] However, when Amber shows it to Hei inside Hell's Gate, the Meteor Fragment has returned to its intact state despite not being reunited with its constituent parts.[2]


In the weeks following the Meteor Fragment's theft, Robert Schroeder and the Third Sector research team at PANDORA solve a formula which allows them to produce a replacement for the missing Meteor Fragment.[5] During the Tokyo Explosion incident, a meteor falls in Siberia, leaving behind a new Meteor Fragment.[6]


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