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Mikhail Pavlichenko
Mikhail Pavlichenko
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Russia
Relatives Asako Makimiya (Ex-wife),
Shion Pavlichenko (Son),
Suou Pavlichenko (Daughter)
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Occupation Scientist
Partner Shion Pavlichenko
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 2, Episode 1
Last Seen The Ark of Stars
Japanese Voice Katsunosuke Hori
English Voice Sonny Strait

Mikhail Pavlichenko (ミハイル・パブリチェンコ?, Mihairu Paburichenko, Russian: Михаил Павличенко) is the ex-husband of Asako Makimiya and the father of Suou Pavlichenko and Shion Pavlichenko.


Flash Back

Asako finds Mikhail trying to extract Suou's memories from her corpse.

Professor Mikhail Pavlichenko was a scientist whose research was devoted to the development of the M.E. and a hypothesized M.E. Network. He was married to a Japanese woman named Asako Nakimiya, with whom had a son and daughter. His son, Shion was born a Contractor. When Suou died in an explosion at his research lab, Mikhail placed his daughter's body in the M.E. Squeezer to extract her memories, saying that he was doing this so that Suou could be with them forever. Asako could not bear the way he was acting. She took Suou's body and fled while Mao attacked Mikhail, saying that his body was destroyed because of Mikhail. Shion stayed with Mikhail and was raised by his father in secret, hidden away in secret rooms inside their house. Mikhail prepared a series of hidden tunnels and plans for their escape should the need arise.[1][2]


Mikhail as short brown hair and a brown mustache. He wears a shirt and tie, and rectangular glasses.


Mikhail is very cold towards Suou, manhandling her and scolding her when she spends what he deems to be too long with her brother.[3]

Part in the Story[]

Gemini of the Meteor[]

S2E1 Mikhail Pavlicenko scolds Suo

Mikhail scolds Suou.

Mikhail lives with his son and daughter while working on unknown experiments concerning the "ME." One day when Suou eats dinner with Shion in his room, he drags her away from the room and scolds her for spending too much time in Shion's room, against his warnings. Later, Shion comes to him and informs Mikhail that it is time and mentions the hidden escape tunnels, before standing up, revealing that he has complete his obeisance. As the house is raided by Russian security forces, Mikhail is seemingly killed by Hei.[3]

However, some time later, he is spotted in Tokyo by Russian agents, alive and well.[1] He is next seen talking with Shion in the same aquarium he and his family visited several years prior. Repnin also makes mention of Mikhail's research, stating that it threatens to put him and Contractors out of business. Later, with Mikhail is with Shion when the later uses a PTRD rifle to kill Tanya Akulova from afar.[4]

At the Sunshine Aquarium, Mikhail and Shion discuss his ability and the fake memories they gave to his copy of Suou. Mikhail says that she will suffer if she learns the truth, but Shion replies that she has to learn what pain is.[5]

S2E11 Mikhail and Suou Pavlichenko

Mikhail and Suou are reunited in Tokyo.

He later appears in the Sunshine Aquarium, where Suou traveled to after Asako Nakimiya's revelation to see if her memories were real or not. She is surprised, having thought him to be dead, but Mikhail affirms that the professor that died was a copy. Suou says the she is a copy, and he is startled that Suou knows this. When Suou explains that she learned it from her mother, he displays a small degree of annoyance with Asako. He then tells Suou that despite what she is - a female copy of Shion created by him after the meteor incident and having M.E. implants - she is alive.[6]


Mikhail's final moments with his daughter.

Afterwards, they run into Genma Shizume, who attempts to convince them to come along quietly. Mikhail retorts by warding him off with pistol fire, and the three escape towards another building. However, a Contractor mortally wounds him by severing a vital artery in his leg with a spear formed from wind. Suou attempts to stop the bleeding with a torn-off portion of her shirt, but, after Suou's confrontation with Genma, he dies from his wounds, but not before having a final conversation with Suou. He tells her not to remove her necklace until Shion says she can and then dies. Suou then lies his corpse in a dignified pose, and places an origami sculpture atop it before leaving. His body is found by Genma, who is about to destroy it when John Smith stops him.[6]

Smith has Mikhail's body placed in the M.E. Squeezer to see if his memories can provide valuable intelligence. He later reappears in the alternate world that Shion created.[7]


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