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Mina Kandaswamy
S1E11 Mina Profile
Gender Female
Race Human
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation PANDORA
Occupation Researcher
Partner Sergei Vectrof
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 11
Last Seen Chapter 21. Survival Skill
Japanese Voice Sayaka Ohara
English Voice Carrie Savage

Mina Kandaswamy (ミナ・カンダスワミー, Mina Kandasuwamī, Tamil: மீனா கந்தசாமி, meena kanthaasvaamee) was a researcher at PANDORA who worked for the Syndicate so that she could continue her research on Hell's Gate.


Mina is of Indian appearance, with long brown hair, brown eyes and a Bindi on her forehead. She wears glasses and lab coat over a turtleneck yellow-orange dress.[1]


An intelligent woman, Mina has proven herself very studious and knowledgeable, so much so that she has become a top researcher in PANDORA. She was very dedicated to her research more than anything,[1] but once she developed feelings for Hei, she admitted that she had become distracted and not like herself, even going so far as to take venereally suggestive actions in helping Hei in his mission.


Mina is the person who first began the research into the Black Flowers and discovered the awakening compound.[2]

Part in the Story[]

The Black Contractor[]

S1E11 Kituchi berates Hei for Mina Kandaswamy fall

Mina gathers files after deliberately bumping into Hei.

Mina intentionally bumps into Hei and slips him a note indicating a meeting place. She later meets him there and reveals to him that she is an undercover Syndicate member charged with helping Hei recover the Meteor Fragment. During the mission, she meets with Hei again, confirming that he was not the one who killed Corinna Moku and is surprised that Hei appears to be upset about her death. He warns her about going beyond her job, telling that she should not act alone.[1]

S1E12 Mina Kandaswamy confronts Hei

Mina berates Hei.

Mina assists Sergei Vectrof in overseeing the Third Sector team conducting a surveillance mission inside the Hell's Gate and monitoring its effects on a number of Sanitation Division recruits, including Hei. Mina monitors the remote camera's movements inside the Gate. She and the team are surprised to find that a crater has appeared, blocking the way and the appearance of a flash of light on the footage which Sergei attributes to the Meteor Fragment.[1] After seeing Hei's adverse reaction to this, she confronts him and tells him not to bottle it up. When Hei states that she is again going beyond her job, she replies that it would be inconvenient for her if he went into a mental lapse. Hei reassures her that the Syndicate will not get rid of her and they do not expect anything from her before telling her to leave before they are seen together. On her way out, she is spotted by the Sanitation Division chief Kituchi, whom she talks to about Corinna's death.[3]

S1E12Mina Kandaswamy, PANDORA Security Chief, Sergei Vectrof watch recording

Mina watches the recording from the expedition team.

She later leaves Hei a note in his locker about the murder and meets with Hei again, who demands to know what she is up to and if she obtained any information from Kituchi. He warns her that Kituchi is being supervised by a dangerous individual. She is called away by an emergency announcement and arrives to witness Nick Hillman's reconnaissance team requesting reinforcements. She notices that the letters on signposts are backwards. After Nick has somewhat recovered from the incident, Mina approaches Hei, only to be rebuked for being so conspicuous. She tells him that she reviewed the recordings and they both conclude that Nick is responsible for the team's deaths. When she confesses feelings for Hei, he simply walks off, disappointing her. She later goes to Hei's room only to find that he is gone. She then witnesses the burst of light from the Meteor Fragment when Hei and Nick battle. She accompanies a team into the Gate to investigate and looks on distraught at the aftermath of the battle.[3]

Shikkoku No Hana[]

Mina and Sergei once again team up with Hei, this time to combat the Black Dandelion soldiers and Harvest. She once again shows her affection to Hei, which is unrequited. She is killed in Chapter 21 of the manga, shot multiple times by the leading army general.

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