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The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, or MIAC has a black ops division known as Section 3, created two years after the attack on the PANDORA institute to eliminate any individual/group with links to the Syndicate. Its present location is unknown.

Known Members[]

Known members of Section 3 include:

Doll Surveillance Network[]

S2E10 Goro Kobayashi at Doll Network

Section 3's Doll Surveillance Network.

Section 3 took over the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan's Doll Network following the closing of the Observatory and uses it for tracking and surveillance purposes. These Dolls are tied in to a network and use the power lines around Tokyo as their medium to observe events and locate targets both outdoors and indoors to some extent. This network has limits, however, as cutting the power lines will block access of the observer spirits to a building or area.[1] It is also possible for other Dolls to interfere with the network, causing blind spots in order to hide the movements of certain individuals.[2]


Section 3 also has responsibility for transporting and securely storing Izanami, going so far as to erase the memories of anyone who visits the location.[3][4]


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