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The Mitaka Documents are the Memory of the Future, detailing some of the events that would later happen in Darker than Black. They were written fifty years prior to the beginning of the series. The Syndicate was formed as a measure against the Mitaka Documents' prophecy.


Few details of its contents are known. Goro Kobayashi reads the following extract to a government meeting:

"The chosen child will then become the flesh and blood of what will be known as "Izanami", and it will erase the stars in the skies, and stand in front of the Door."[1]

Misaki Kirihara researches the Mitaka Documents after joining Section 3, using information supplied by Oreille and Amber, including the keyword, Izanami. Misaki recites some of it to members of Section 3:

"Izanagi gazes upon the false sea bottom, waiting for Izanami.
Izanami will cross the sea bottom and eventually the two will meet.
When they do, heaven and earth will split in two, and there the Gate of Hell will open.
From the Gate will come forth one, a being unknown.
And strife will continue for eternity."[2]

Upon hearing Masaki's recital of part of the Mitaka Documents, Goro reveals another part of it:

"The sign shall be a rising crescent moon that never sinks.
When it becomes full, Izanami will reach her final month of pregnancy."[3]


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