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Nakazawa Doll
S1E18 Doll
Gender Female
Race Doll
Professional Status
Affiliation Nakazawa Group[1]
Partner Sakurai Kenji
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 17
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 18

The Nakazawa Doll is a young woman and a Doll that is delivered to Hitotsubashi and is subsequently freed by Kenji Sakurai.


She is of average height and has short dark hair and purple eyes.[1]


Initially she exhibits no personality. Hitotsubashi states that she is a specially made Doll that will do anything it is ordered.[1] However, when Hitotsubashi threatens Sakurai Kenji's life, she sends out her observer spirit of her own accord to summon help.[2]


Remote Viewing: Like all Dolls, she can use her observer spirit to find people. She uses metal as a medium. She can also communicate with Yin through it, informing her of the danger to Kenji's life.[2]

Part in the Story[]

The Black Contractor[]

S1E18 Doll Disgiused

The Doll in disguise.

She arrives at Hitotsubashi's business in a shipping crate, where she is unpacked and placed in the care of Sakurai Kenji. Kenji is concerned about her well-being and takes her to Hei's apartment, asking Hei to hide them.[1] Hei buys clothes for her and tells Yin to dress her. When they are alone, Yin asks her if she is certain that he is the one. Once dressed, Hei and Yin bring her and Kenji to the train station, but before they can board a train, they are spotted and pursued through the station. Hei pushes them in to a lift and stays behind to deal with the chasers. However, they are captured by Hitotsubashi, who threatens to kill Kenji. She sends her observer spirit to find Yin and alerts her to this.[2]

She silently sits in the car while Hei and Kenji defeat the mobsters and accompanies Kenji to the train station, where they succeed in leaving Tokyo this time. Kenji tells her that she does not have to stay with him and is surprised when she puts her hand on his in response and smiles at him. They travel to Akita together.[2]


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