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Nika Lobanov
Real Name Nika Lobanov
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Russia
Education High School
Final Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 2, Episode 1
Last Seen Season 2, Episode 3
Japanese Voice Ryosuke Sakamaki
English Voice Micah Solusod

Nika Lobanov was a boy in school with Suou Pavlichenko and Tanya Akulova.


Despite being a year older than them, Nika was a friend of Suou and Tanya. He was in the same photography club as Suou[1] and on occasion during the summer months went swimming with Suou and her friends, challenging Suou to see who could hold their breath the longest.


Nika is a teenage boy with messy blonde hair and blue eyes.


Nika is a kind and cheerful boy who despite being a year older than Suou, acts as if he is the same age.[1]

Part in the Story[]

Gemini of the Meteor[]

S2E1 Tanya attacks Nika

Tanya Akulova attacks Nika.

A somewhat embarrassed Nika asks Tanya Akulova to go out with him and she accepts, much to his joy. However, the next day, Tanya, unknown to Nika, has become a cold, logical Contractor. Nika reminds her of what he said, asking why she is acting so strangely, but Tanya replies back that their relationship was 'pointless' and that she 'didn't even want to bear his children'. She briefly lashes out at Nika with her Contractor power before leaving.[1]

Darker than BLACK 2 - 02 - 17

Nika and Suou stay in his old secret base.

He later wakes up in a locked hospital room and quickly makes his escape through a window as Russian soldiers come to take him away. He visits his friends, but they all had forgotten about Tanya. He also found Suou's house on fire. He runs in to Suou on the street and lets her stay in an old shack as she is also on the run. He helps her put up wanted posters of Hei before going in search of Tanya.[2]

S2E3 Nika reunited with Tanya

Nika and Tanya are reunited.

He later meets Tanya, who apologizes for acting so strangely towards him. Nika hugs her and accepts her apology. They both try to contact Suou to no avail and as Nika leaves, Tanya, acting on orders from her master in the FSB, uses her Contractor power on him. He returns, bloodied and bruised from the earlier attack, to attempt to convince Tanya to stop her mission, but he is attacked once again by her insect swarm and devoured and killed in the process.[3]


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